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Spring Term - London's Burning

Our topic this term is called “London's Burning” where our learning will be based around The Great Fire of London. We have already begun to create our very own 'London' themed classroom, including a flaming baking shop and Pudding Lane. We can’t wait to see our learning environment grow as it is filled with the children’s wonderful work.

To follow our learning journey throughout the topic, each week you can see pictures and updates about what we have been learning about on the class one page below.

You can also look through the projects knowledge organisers to see what the children will be learning throughout the spring term. 

Week 9

We have been learning about poetry this week. The children began by working in pairs to match rhyming words together.

In history this week the children have been using puppets to retell the events of The Great Fire of London in chronological order.

Week 8 



In science we have been investigating how solid materials can change shape when they are heated or cooled. We got very messy melting chocolate!

The children worked in groups to research facts about fire services in England.

Week 7 

The children then used their designs to make new waterproof, transparent house roofs.

The children worked in groups to use their science knowledge to design a new roof for a house which was waterproof and transparent.

Week 6 

For safer internet day, the children created online profiles of themselves and then we decided what information is safe to share online.

Week 5 

In Science we have been investigating waterproof materials

Week 4 

We have created our own 'Mini Field Paintings' inspired by Mark Rothko.

Week 3 

In science we have been investigating absorbent materials.

Week 2 

The children have been working in groups to organise images of artefacts from the 17th century or from the present day.

Week 1

We have worked in groups to research facts about The Great Fire of London

Working together to sequence images of The Great Fire of London.