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Spring Term 1 - The Wizard of Oz

This term all of our learning is going to be inspired by The Wizard of Oz! We have already been working hard to transform our classroom in to a wonderful Oz themed learning environment. 

Keep looking at our regular website updates to see where our magical learning journey has taken us this term!  Here's a sneak peek at where our learning journey is going to take us throughout the project.

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Week 5 


Wow! What an exciting week we have had this week in class one, but Wednesday was bar far the most exciting day of them all! We had a fantastic day when we were visited by the world tallest basketball player! The children got to take part in lots of basketball activities and even got to try out some of Paul's super tricks. The children also listened carefully to Paul when he was describing his career in basketball and then produced some wonderful facts all about Paul. 

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Week 4

This week in science, the children have been busy investigating how to create a cyclone in a bottle. The children listened carefully to the instructions and then worked in groups to create their own mini cyclones.

The children they recorded their experiment and the year 2 children created some instructions explaining how to create a cyclone in a bottle.

The children have also been getting creative and have been experimenting with colour and texture to create their own lion masks using oil pastels and different textured papers for the mane.

Week 3


Wow! What another busy week we have had! 

The children have been working very hard and literacy ha been no exception. The children have placed themselves in Dorothy's shoes and spent time think about how she might have been feeling on that frightful day when her house was sucked up by the cyclone. The children then used all of these ideas to produce some wonderful diary entries from the perspective of Dorothy. 


In maths, the year two children have continued to learn all about measuring and they have been applying their knowledge to solve so measuring problems. The year one children have continued to learn about addition and subtraction and used their knowledge of place value to solve addition and subtraction number sentences by partitioning. 


We have also spent time this week, learning all about Refugees and why people become refugees. The children discussed how all children who are Refugees have the right to be kept safe and they were keen to note, that Glenda kept Dorothy safe on the yellow brick road! 

Week 2


The children have been busy learning all about the key features of a newspaper report this week. The children spent time planning their report and learning all about writing in the past tense. 


In maths the year two children have begun learning all about measuring in CM and M and applied their knowledge of addition and subtraction to solve some finding the difference problems. 


In topic the children have continued to develop their colour mixing skills and this week have spent time mixing a variety of colours using only the three primary colours. the children then used the colours they created to make a bright and bold painting of Munchkin town. 

Week 1

WOW! What a fantastic start to the new term!

We have started our learning journey by learning all about Kansas and identifying where Kansas is on a map. We talked about the type of weather there can be in Kansas and learnt all about Cyclones and Tornadoes. The children then compared the weather in Kansas to the weather in the UK.

The children have also spent time identifying adjectives and using adjectives in sentences to describe some of the characters from The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s house and Munchkin town.

The children have begun learning about colouring mixing and spent time making colours darker and lighter all in preparation to produce some comparison paintings of Dorothy’s house and Munchkin town, using their descriptions as inspiration.