Home Page

Spring Term 1 2021

Our aim is to make this page as easy to navigate as possible. We have separated the children's learning into the categories below and hope that this helps. Each week, there will be:

- 5 Maths lessons

- 5 Literacy lessons

- 4 Project lessons

- 1 Religious Education lesson

- PE suggestions or links

- 4 Phonics lessons for your child's group

The above timetable is to show you how we structure our days in school. Break time is at 10:15 and lunch time begins at 12:05. There is no expectation for you to follow this - do what suits you and your child(ren) - but we thought it may be helpful.


We have not set any guided reading lessons for home learning. These are whole-class lessons and are heavily discussion-based but this would be an ideal slot to read quietly or complete reading tasks. For the class reader at the end of the day, Mrs Naghen has recorded the next chapters of our class book for the children to listen to.