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'Space' Spring Term 1 2020

Our project this term is called “Space!"  We have already begun to create our very own space station in the classroom and the children have helped the adults make a rocket. We can’t wait to see our learning environment grow as it is filled with the children’s wonderful work.

To follow our learning journey throughout the project, each week you can see pictures and updates about what we have been learning about on the reception page below.

You can also keep updated with the children's learning journey throughout the project by following us on Twitter and checking for regular updates on Tapestry. 

Week 1

To introduce 'Space' we have focused on the story 'Whatever Next.' The children generated great discussions and questions from this story. They used their new phonics sounds to write postcards from the moon. Baby Bear set the children lots of maths problems this week. The children have focused on representing numbers in different ways, as well as helping Baby Bear to find the missing number. At the end of the week, they showcased their understanding of the book 'Whatever Next' and their writing skills in a fantastic 'Big Write'.


Week 2 

This week we have been learning about the book ‘The Smeds and the Smoos.’ We have been focusing on describing the similarities and differences to their planet compared to Earth.


The children then used this knowledge to create their own alien planet paintings. We had pink trees, green skies and purple grass. They used their learnt skill from last week to mix their own colours for their pictures. They were only given the colours red, blue, yellow and white.


In Maths we have been practising ‘1 more’ and ‘1 less.’ The children have completed different challenges to put this to the test. They have completed a game on the interactive board, completed Miss Clarke’s challenges, and been outside on a quest to unlock the numbers however, only the correct number key would fit.

Week 3 

This week we have been learning all about rockets. The children were given the challenge to design, create, and then review their own rockets using different materials. 

First the children explored different materials to decide what would be good for building a rocket. We then learnt about the different features of a rocket such as, the nose, fins, body and windows. The children created a plan of their rocket design and used their phonic sounds to label their rocket. 


In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes. We learnt their names and how we could describe the different shapes. We learnt that some are round with a curved face, which can roll.

Week 4

This week we have been learning all about the different planets in space. We enjoyed reading about 'The dinosaur that pooped a planet.'

In Maths we have been adding two amounts together. We played bowling outside to knock two pins down and then add the amount underneath together.  

We have also used chalk this week, to create space pictures. The children were fantastic at naming some of the planets that they had drawn. We also explored creating different textures using our smudging technique. 

We read the story 'Begu' and talked about what makes us different and how we would show kindness to people that are different to us. They created some brilliant pictures and writing from the story.

Week 5 

This week we have been learning all about the story ‘Aliens love Underpants’.

In Maths we have been subtracting. We used resources and number lines to work out subtraction sums. We also went on a subtraction hunt outside, where we had to listen carefully to problem solve using natural resources.

We also practised printing moons this week. We used tin foil balls to print different shades of grey to create a textured moon.

At the end of the week, we were surprised when we saw that our space station had been ruined. Some aliens had left a letter, and we wrote some brilliant letters to send back.

Week 6

This week, we have been learning all about astronauts.


We have learnt about Neil Armstrong, who was the first astronaut to land on the moon. 

In Maths we have been comparing speeds. We used language such as, slower and faster to describe and compare speeds.

We have talked about the needs of an astronaut, including food and water, as well as safety measures like the use of a spacesuit. Then, we suited up one of our class teddy bears so that he was safe and ready for a trip to the moon.

We have also used our careful cutting skills to create pin astronauts.