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Space and Beyond

In this first term we will looking at and researching all things space. We will be finding out about the planets and their characteristics, how the Earth moves, how the sun and moon move (if they do) and lots of other interesting things about space. We will also look at the moon landings (this year is the 50th anniversary) and look at key events in space throughout the years.

As much as we can, we will be linking the non core subjects to space as well.


If you have anything at home that you think will help us with our topic, then please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Learning Journey

Weeks 1 and 2


We kicked off our first term back introducing our ‘Space’ topic. The children were very keen to learn about all things space and to share some of the knowledge they already have.

In literacy, we are going to write a narrative based on a space theme. The children have been creating settings and characters to go into their narrative.

In maths, both Y5 and Y6 have been learning about place value and what each digit in a number actually means.

In Science, we looked at evidence and gave opinions for why scientists believe the Earth to be round, and why in the past it was thought that it was flat. We have also started to look at the planets and finding out the order they are from the sun and some other facts about them.

In Art, the children will be doing abstract painting along the lines of a famous space artist called Peter Thorpe.


Weeks 3 and 4

In Literacy, after finishing their space narratives, the children have been researching, planning, drafting, editing and publishing a newspaper report based on the Moon landings of 1969.


In maths, Year 5 have been using formal methods of addition and subtraction. Year 6 have been multiplying and dividing numbers by 2 digit numbers.


In Science, the children looked at Geocentric (Earth is the centre of the Universe) and Heliocentric (Sun is the centre of the Universe) beliefs about how the planets orbit and rotate. They have used evidence from philosophers and astronomers to understand how the planets move.


The children also painted their abstract pictures based on their drawings they did in week 2.

Space Abstract Art

Space Abstract Art 1
Space Abstract Art 2
Space Abstract Art 3