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Class 2 - Town Project


"We took a risk when building our models. It was really hard at first but we decided to use a range of new, unfamiliar materials to create the effect we wanted. The risk paid off because we are happy with the final results."

Picture 1

Residential to Caythorpe

Residential to Caythorpe 1 Trapeze
Residential to Caythorpe 2 Trapeze
Residential to Caythorpe 3 Climbing Wall
Residential to Caythorpe 4 Jacob's Ladder

On the residential trip  to Caythorpe, children from years 5 and 6 overcame their fears and took huge risks in order to successfully complete the different activities during their visit. They climbed to great heights and were rewarded with a huge sense of pride in their achievements.

Picture 1

During the half term break, I went paragliding in Cyprus. This shows me taking a risk because I was a little bit scared of being so high in the air, over water. Afterwards, I felt happy and proud of myself because the risk paid off and I really enjoyed myself!


By Thomas