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Class 3 PE

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Showing resilience in creating counterbalances. The girls perfected their technique over time and were able to support each other in a very graceful counterbalance!

Class 3 - Survival

"We had to be resilient because our first shelter fell down. We had to make a stronger one."

Class 2 - Town Project


We were resilient by working as a team and trying to improve our work. We compared the sizes of the buildings to make sure they were true to scale. If they weren't, we altered them to make sure they were accurate. This was quite tricky at first.


When aspects went wrong, or wouldn't stay upright, we changed them so that we could improve our models. We did not give up until the models were strong and reflected our plans. We kept trying again and again so that the final products were neat and strong.

Residential trip to Caythorpe

Years 5 and 6 showed huge resilience by learning how to tie knots, solving problems and refusing to give up, learning new skills in order to keep each other safe on the ropes and trying over and over again on the challenging apparatus. The children were really determined to get as high as they could on the trapeze, climbing wall and Jacob's ladder, and all came away feeling deservedly proud of their efforts.