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Friday 26th February - Geography

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Thursday 25th February


For this afternoon's learning you will find an RE lesson under the RE tab.

Wednesday 24th February

Today, you are going to meet a very famous scholar, who was also a monk. His name was St Bede.

Using the links above and any other information you may be able to find, I would like you to make either a PowerPoint or a poster to share as much useful information as you can about St Bede. 


You could include some or all of the following categories: 

- when and where he was born

- when he passed away

- why he was so widely respected (this is what the word 'venerable' means)

- what his passions were and what he worked so hard on

- why he was so famous

- what his values were and what made him a good leader


Feel free to include other areas as well/instead!

Tuesday 23rd February

Using the videos and resources below, can you complete the Anglo Saxon and Viking timeline?

Anglo Saxon and Viking timeline

Here's a sneak preview of our Anglo Saxon and Viking timeline video. It's a fun, quick way to start off the lesson for the Yr4 Traders and Raiders topic. If ...

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Monday 22nd February

Please watch the first video on the link below for an introduction to the Anglo-Saxons.


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