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Phonics Group 5 - Mrs Naghen's Group

Week 1

Thursday 25th and Friday 26th February


We are going to be looking at different ways to spell the shun suffix.


This week, we will be using the spelling pattern cian.


The rule that can be used to remember when to use cian for the shun suffix is:


If the root word ends in c or cs, then use cian as the shun suffix


Example:        root word = music            (music ends in c)          

                      so we use cian spelling for shun suffix to make musician


Look at the PowerPoint.


Think of as many words as you can during the 5 minute timer that end in -cian. Look at the next slide. Were there any words that were the same as yours?


Copy the words from the list on the PowerPoint then write their definition using an online dictionary such as Wordsmyth. Can you now place these words into sentences of your own?

Wednesday 24th February


Complete a page from your CPG handwriting book today please.

Tuesday 23rd February


Complete the crossword by solving the clues. All answers are words from the Year 3/4 spelling list.

Monday 22nd February


Choose some words from the Year 3/4 spelling list and create your own wordsearch. Can you get someone else to find the words?