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Phonics Group 4 - Mrs Clarke's Group

Friday 5th March



This is a really important skill - the ability to look back through your work and spot errors. We talk about this lots when we edit our extended writing but today, I would like you to go through your project book with a really critical eye, looking just for these: 

- high frequency words that are often misspelt e.g. with (often written whith); there, their, they're; because (often written becuase) etc.

- words from the Y3/4 list

- words with the patterns and rules we have been learning about. If you haven't used any, could you have a go at inserting them into your writing? The only reason we learn these rules is so that you can use them independently in your writing so they need to be applied. -ness, -less, sub-, auto-, -ful, -ly, ch instead of sh, ch instead of k.


Don't forget to use your blue pen to edit!

Thursday 4th March

Still image for this video

Wednesday 3rd March 

Please complete another page of your CGP handwriting book.