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Mrs Naghen's Phonics - Group 5

Week 6

Friday 12th February

Thursday 11th February


The next few activities in your phonics are going to be based on learning to spell words from the year 3 and 4 spelling list.

Complete the activities on PowerPoints 1 and 2.


Can you spell all of the year 3 and 4 words that were being used? Practise them and place them into your own sentence.

Wednesday 10th February

Please complete another page of your CGP handwriting book.

Tuesday 9th February


Time for you to make some Kahoot quiz questions!


The answer to each question must be a word with the prefix inter. You can include the definition in your question and then have multiple choice answers - remember one of them must be correct!


Example question:


Which of the following words means a global computer network?


Then you would give four choices for your answers with only one correct (internet).


Print off as many answer sheets as you wish to. When you are finished maybe you could carry out the Kahoot quiz with someone at home. Let me know how they get on!



Monday 8th February


Here is a game you can print out and play. It'd be lovely if you have someone to play with at home but if not, don't worry. You can try and make it round by yourself or you could get one of your toys involved to be the other player. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have fun!

Week 5

Thursday 4th February and Friday 5th February


Play the slideshow on the PowerPoint below, matching the definitions.


Can you remember them? Open the PDF below and look at the words with the prefix inter. Can you now write their definitions in your book? You can return to the PowerPoint whenever you need to. Are the definitions all there or are there some that you need to look up? 


Would you now be able to place the words into a sentence of your own? Could you use expanded noun phrases, speech punctuation or the present perfect tense also?




Tuesday 2nd February


Enjoy completing the wordsearch. If you have time, choose some words to make you own sentences. Can you include the present perfect tense and some expanded noun phrases?

Monday 1st February


Insert the correct word into the sentences so that they make sense. If you find one tricky, complete the ones that you find easier and eliminate them off the list.

Week 4


Friday 29th January


Match the words using the anti prefix to the definitions.

Thursday 28th January


This week, we are looking at the prefix 'anti'. Complete today's activity to explore the meaning of the root words and see how the meaning changes when the prefix 'anti' is added.

Wednesday 27th January

Please complete your poster from yesterday. After that, if you have time, you can complete another page of your CGP handwriting book.

Tuesday 26th January

Can you make a poster to help others with how to add an apostrophe to plural nouns? Make it nice and clear and you could maybe also include some examples of regular and irregular plural nouns – those that end in an s and those that don’t.

Monday 25th January

We are looking at possessive apostrophes for singular and plural nouns. 


Remember the rule:


When the plural noun ends in an s -  just add an apostrophe

When the plural noun doesn’t end in an s – add apostrophe then an s

Week 3

Thursday 21st January and Friday 22nd January


We have been working very hard in class on learning how to spell words from the year 3/4 spelling list. We practise these spellings using a range of different strategies.


In school, you all have your own personal spelling list. If you can’t remember the words that are on your list then please don’t worry. Look at the year 3/4 spelling list below. Spot any words you are unsure of how to spell and start practising them using the spelling strategy sheet which you can also find below.

Wednesday 20th January

Please complete another page of your CGP Handwriting book.

Tuesday 19th January


Complete the activity. Which words did you manage to find of your own yesterday? Do you need to check their meaning and could you make a quiz question which would have one of your -ture words as the answer?

Monday 18th January

Before you begin today's lesson, it may be a good idea to look at the PowerPoint from Thursday as a little reminder about -ture words. Then complete the activity and maybe as an extension you could try and find your own words that use -ture.
Friday 15th January
Thursday 14th January

Today we are learning a new spelling pattern.


Click on the PowerPoint below. Click on the Slide Show tab then click on From Beginning.

Wednesday 13th January

Today would ordinarily have been your spelling test day so please use today's phonics time to practise your handwriting in the CGP books you were given before Christmas. You should aim to complete at least one page.

Tuesday 12th January

Week 2


Monday 11th January 

Friday 8th January

Week 1


Thursday 7th January