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Mrs Clarke's Phonics - Group 4

Week 3
Week 2

Wednesday 13th January

Today would ordinarily have been your spelling test day so please use today's phonics time to practise your handwriting in the CGP books you were given before Christmas. You should aim to complete at least one page.

Week 1
Friday's phonics learning is an extension of the work we did at the beginning of the week - can you remember the y as /I/ words and think of some other examples? The answers are at the bottom of the sheet so please don't scroll too far down - no peeking! Use a dictionary and the clues that are there to help you. Eg if there's a capital letter, where MUST that go?

Wednesday 6th January 

To be able to use a new spelling rule in my writing. 

On Monday, we looked at words containing the /I/ sound, written as y. These words were: 









Can you use these words in their own sentences? Be sure to check their meanings before you do to make sure that you use them correctly. Make sure you check the spellings!