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'Mad Machines' Spring 2019

Week 6 – WOW event

During the final week of term, we looked at the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’.

This story gave us a chance to look the things the children have enjoyed most this term: farm machinery, life in the past and machines at home.

After getting to know the original story we talked about the modern machines that are used now to plant seeds, harvest the wheat, mill the grain, mix the ingredients and cook the bread.

We then read the story of “The Little Red Hen and the Inventor”.

The children created their own books, with themselves as the inventor, by ordering pictures and reading or writing captions.

In the story, the poor Little Red Hen faced many problems while trying to make bread.

For our WOW event, the children worked with their grown-ups to invent things that could help the Little Red Hen.

At the end of the week, we labelled pictures of our inventions.


Week 5

This week we have continued to learn about machines at home, healthy eating and Chinese New Year. We have also looked at teen numbers and weight in maths.

However, our most exciting day was Wednesday when we met Paul Sturgess- Britain’s tallest man and the World’s tallest basketball player. He talked to us about making the most of our own special talents, being proud of who we are, working the hardest we can and looking after our health. All of the children then took part in dribbling relays and enjoyed watching and helping Paul do some special tricks. What a fantastic day and such wonderful messages for the children to take away. 

Week 4

This week we have started to look at the machines we find at home and compared them with things that were used in the past. We discovered that many of our machines today use electricity.

We also continued learning about Chinese new year. Our classroom is now decorated and we have made dragon masks and joined in with Chinese dragon dancing. The children particularly enjoyed learning which animal year they were born into and learning how to use chopsticks.

In maths we finished off learning about solid shapes with a solid shape hunt on the school field.

We then moved onto measuring time in simple ways, which the children were interested in at the end of last week. We have been timing everything! We have even started to record our ideas, estimate and compare times too.

Week 3

This week we moved onto building machines.

We started by reading the 3 little pigs. The children knew the story well and enjoyed repeating phrases and talking about events. We talked about the tools that the 3 little pigs would have needed to build their houses.

The children were particularly interested in the materials used to make each house and we talked about their good and bad qualities, as well as other materials that would not make a good house.

Later we practised ordering and retelling the story.

In maths, we learnt about shape this week. We reviewed 2D shape properties and began to sing songs to help us to name 3D shapes.

In circle time, I told the children a story about the big bad wolf using puppets. The big bad wolf did not think that he was good at anything. We talked about our abilities and learnt that everyone is different, special and unique.

Week 2

This week we moved onto farm machinery. This has been a very popular topic in our class. The children have been teaching each other the names of different machines and as a class; we have been discussing what they are used for and how similar machines were different in the past. The children were shocked to discover that many jobs were often done by hand.

Later in the week we drew our favourite farm machinery. We learnt how to connect parts of our drawings and focused on the tiny details. It was important that we included all of the elements needed for our tractor so that we could make them out of junk on Thursday and Friday.

In maths we have been using lots of different resources to add and take away numbers to 10. The children particularly enjoyed creating number stories.

Meta our Chinese Language assistant also showed the children Chinese objects to help the children to learn about Chinese New Year.

Week 1

What a busy first week back! Reception have been hard at work learning about engineers and mechanics.

We loved playing in our garage role play fixing and mending our class bike. We also pretended to be mechanics in art as we experimented with different ways of fixing and joining materials. On Friday learnt about the wheel and axle and completed a plan do review session.

We discovered that it was important for mechanics and engineers to be very resilient.

This week we also learnt about fruits and vegetables and started a class book all about growth mind-set

’My Fantastic Elastic Brain’.