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JOSOs attended their second training session in February - they now have their missions and are ready to begin...

Celebrating Safer Internet Day - February 2020


Class 3 talked about the potential risks of mobile phones and the internet.

They talked about how we should not be sharing information, photographs and passwords that are personal to us and that we don't want others to see.

The class were very knowledgeable about the do's and don'ts of using the internet.

The class presented their work in posters, leaflets and quizzes.

Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020

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Pupils drew pictures about what they use the internet for. They then they went through Smartie the Penguin story talking about what they should do if something happens on the internet (strange picture/ mean comments/ to buy buttons) and they sang a song to remind them of the rules for Internet Safety Day 2020.

On Safer Internet Day 2020, Class one children created some fictional online profiles of themselves. We then discussed what information is safe to share online or not.

Our JOSOs (Junior online safety officers) attended their first meeting with other local schools to begin to learn about how to keep themselves safe when using the internet. They will be leading this work throughout the school by completing the missions set by LCSB.

The NSPCC worked with all of the school on how to keep safe

Years five and six learnt how to ride their bikes safely on the road.

The whole school spent the day learning about how to keep safe on the road and when travelling in a car.

JOSOs thank people on Twitter for their support

JOSOs organised a social media free day and raised money for Childline

Our JOSOs fed back to the other schools about what they have been doing in school

Our JOSOs (Junior Online Safety Officers) led an assembly

SID (Safer Internet Day) Tuesday 5th February

Reception learning how to stay safe online

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SID (Safer Internet Day) We focused on giving and seeking permission to share information online and looked at a range of everyday scenarios to help with this. The children then decided which answer around the room best matched how they felt about it and explained their reasons.

In class three pupils were told in the morning that they were going to play a game and on the post-it on their desk, they needed to write down the name of their pet, their favourite colour, their favourite sport and the names of their parents.  This they obediently did.  The 'game' was to then go and give their personal details to other people around school to see if they could guess who it belonged to.  Towards the end of the day, once asked if Mrs Cockram could take the details given and share them with other Heads, the pupils said no that they did not want their personal information going out of school and they did not give their permission.  


People often appear really nice on the internet, and many are, but they are strangers, just because we have shared a game and they have told us their name does not mean that we know them.  We do not give strangers our details in real life so do not do it on the internet.  We do not know what they plan to do with our information - keep it safe - don't tell!

We are signed up for SID (Safer Internet Day) 2019