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Is that my egg? Spring Term 2

Is that my egg?


This half term we are learning to be detectives. To launch our topic, we will put our detective skills to the test with a Top-Secret event that the children can join in with at school or from home.

Throughout the rest of the term we will be comparing environments, types of eggs and learning about the life cycle of different animals as we try to solve our very own egg mystery.

Our DT project this term is to design and make an egg. The children will need to use the knowledge and skills they have gained during the term to decide on the type of egg they will make and the animal that hatches it.

At the end of the term we hope to showcase the eggs alongside our designs and finally celebrate with an egg hunt where we will be solving clues and riddles.

Week 6 


To finish our topic the children painting their dinosaur eggs to match their designs and then wrote clues for the children in class one. I wonder if you can guess which dinosaur has which egg? 


On the last day we said goodbye to our chicks (Sonic and Gipsey) and thank you to the kind parent who supplied everything for us.  In the afternoon we enjoyed an egg hunt with class one. 

Once the chicks have dried out they can go into the brooder. It has a heat lamp, hay, food pellets and water.

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When the chicks have just hatched they are sticky and wet looking. They need to dry out in the incubator.

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This chick is "pipping" using it's egg tooth

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Take a look at one of our chicks moving inside the egg

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Week 5 

In maths we have been doubling. The children loved using the guttering to double eggs in our sand nest, doubling pictures using mirrors and doubling on the playdough table too. 


Our guided reading book this week was "And Tango Makes Three". The children measured how big real penguin eggs are using a ruler and blocks and measured how much they would weigh using corn and scales. 


In Topic this week we have started to create our own dinosaur eggs using paper maché. The children all chose a dinosaur out of a bag and then decided what the colour, texture and how big their egg would be. We then had to explain why they had chosen those things. They gave some fantastic reasons that considered the colour of the dinosaur, where the eggs might be laid and special features that might protect the egg from predators. 


Week 4 

Our detectives have been very busy this week! 


We learnt about the clever ways that shark eggs and octopus eggs are able to stop themselves being swept away in the water.


After talking about litter and making posters to tell people to put litter in the bin, we created a class game in our under the sea tray where the animals had to be treated by a vet and the vet had to write down what was wrong. 


In guided reading we shared a poem about a frog and the children have been busy making frogs during choosing time. 


The children have also been making different environments with materials and a whole class city with paper and pens. 

Week 3 

On Monday Reception were very excited that an incubator had arrived with 7 eggs! We learnt what the incubator does and discovered how we tell if an egg has a chick growing inside. 


This week we have learnt all about Turtle eggs. The children have enjoyed playing in a small world tray and even insisted that we make a sign to warn people not to go near the egg nest. 


Later in the week we explored floating and sinking different types of eggs in our classroom. 


In phonics the children have been practising their labelling. I am so proud of the independence they are building using their sound mats. 

Week 2


This week we learnt about bird eggs. We started by exploring real chicken eggs. We talked about the colour, texture and shape. We learnt how chickens sit on their eggs to keep them warm and how chicks hatch by breaking the shell with an egg tooth on their beak. We then took it in turns to crack the eggs. We loved feeling the yoke in between our fingers and learning about the different parts.

During the week we learnt more about the life cycle of a chicken. We created life cycle collages and had a go at making our own nests outside. We talked lots about spring and took part in a spring hunt with the children from our class 1 bubble. 


At the end of the week our detectives solved the egg muddle mystery. They used phonics skills to read the clues and then blocks to measure the eggs. Measuring was something we had been learning to do in maths this week. To crack the case, we also used reasoning to explain why certain eggs could be eliminated from the investigation.

Week 1 


This week we launched our topic with a top secret mission. The children loved being detectives and solving the mystery of the missing cookies. 


Later in the week the children looked at and compared lots of different eggs. We talked about the similarities and differences and sorted group of animals that hatched from eggs and those that were born.