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Summer Term 2

Hello Reception!

Please note the changes in the learning from 1st June as stated in the previous letter sent out. A document will be uploaded with a timetable full of links that will take you to daily lessons set by Oak National Academy. If you click on the link, it will take you straight to the lesson for that day. If there are any problems, please feel free to contact me on the email address in the document. As always, please continue to utilise the Oxford Owl website for online reading scheme books.


Keep checking in with the class page on the home learning tab to see any extra videos that I may create for you!

Keep safe and remember to keep smiling!


Summer Term 1

Although this has been different than anticipated, we wish you all a warm welcome to the new Summer Term. We hope that you are all happy and well!


Our new class project is for this term is 'Once Upon a Time...'

It is important to remember than within these uncertain times, that the activities we set are not compulsary. These are here to offer you support if you feel that these will benefit you an your family through these times. 

This page will be updated weekly with activities and learning linked to our new project. We will also be adding videos that we feel could be beneficial to provide some guidance along with the learning provided. 

The videos include some of the strategies that we have used at school, ways to make it more challenging, or to break it down further. 


If there is anything that I can do to further support learning at home, please feel free to contact me. There may be particular lessons or areas that you may want me to cover and provide some additional activities and challenges.


Please continue to use tapestry to update us.  We have enjoyed seeing all the learning, activities and experiences that you have been sharing so far. 

Suggested Home Learning- 18th May

Suggested Home Learning- 11th May

Suggested Home Learning- 4th May

Suggested Home Learning- 27th April

Suggested Home Learning- 20th April




Daily online Phonics lessons


Below is a link to free daily online phonics lessons starting from Monday 27th April following the scheme we use in school, Letters and Sounds. There is no expectation that you take part in any of these lessons but they could be useful to give the children an opportunity to recap their phonics knowledge to prepare them for when we return to school.




Daily additional Maths lessons


White Rose have produced some great Maths resources for Reception.

They offer great daily lessons and activities. This is a great additional resource to use to support Maths learning at home. Their set weekly Maths activities may not link to the Maths that we have set. However, it may cover different aspects of Maths that we cover in Reception, so it may be a great resource to recap any previous learning. 





Dear parents, don’t be worried by the term “home schooling”
We want you to be parents not teachers! Use the resources on our websites if you would like, but you must do what works best for you and your family. So have quality time, and do something fun and interesting with your child. #makememories

Please use tapestry to keep us updated on the activities and experiences that you share through this time.