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Home Learning for those who cannot attend school - March 2020

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The links below will take you to padlets for class 2.  We really want to support parents at this challenging time and I fear that after a few days, some pupils may feel isolated once the excitement of not going to school has passed.  So, we are creating two padlets for each class - one is for pupils to add what they have been reading, the title of the books, a brief summary of the story and what they enjoyed.  The second padlet is for them to add something that has made them smile.  Once something has been written, the class teacher will need to check it before it is posted, so don't be disheartened if you can't see your post instantly.


Class Two reading: https://padlet.com/lisanaghen1/cxjptmpzghy7


Class Two - this made me smile: https://padlet.com/lisanaghen1/z90u70yrhkm7


Class Two activities:  https://padlet.com/lisanaghen1/Bookmarks


If we are absent from school for longer, we may decide to change the topics, depending on need.