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Welcome to the East Lindsey Academy Development Committee (ADC) section. 


Gipsey Bridge Academy is part of the Infinity Academy Trust which is governed by trustees.  The Trustees have delegated certain local aspects of the governance of this academy to the East Lindsey Academy Development Committee (ADC). The ADC Governors’ task is to ensure that things are running smoothly, to provide support and encouragement and to offer a sympathetic but critical ear.


We are all volunteers dedicated to supporting our children by raising school standards.

Coming from the local community, we bring skills from other areas of our life and work closely with the Executive Headteacher to give a viewpoint from outside the educational establishment.  This allows us to support and challenge the head teacher as aims and objectives are set.  With the Executive Headteacher as our professional advisor we advise the trustees on policies and targets for achieving these aims and objectives as well as monitoring and evaluating the progress being made.

We spend time with the Executive Headteacher and senior leadership team looking at tracking data and ensuring limited resources are used to best effect.  Another of our key roles is to visit the school on a regular basis so that we can evaluate the reports we receive.  An overview of these visits for this academic year is available in the documents below.  Providing strategic leadership and accountability may be our official role, but everything we do centres around the education and well-being of our children.


Should you wish to formally contact the governors, please ask at the school office. Alternatively for general enquiries about the role of a Governor, expressing an interest in becoming an ADC Member or questions about how our ADC works use the link below.

Contact the ADC Chair

Use this link to contact the ADC Chair if you have any questions about the role of the ADC at Gipsey Bridge Academy. (Formal correspondance should be sent to the school addressed for the attention of the ADC Clerk.)

ADC Roles and Register of Interests 2021/2022

East Lindsey ADC Role, Responsibilities and Register of Interest 2021-22

The East Lindsey ADC was formed and commenced on 01 September 2020 therefore, register of attendance for the 2019-20 academic year will be unavailable as this is a new committee.

Our Governors