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Governors roles, interests and attendance

Trustee Roles and Responsibilities, Register of Interests and meeting attendance 2016/2017


Academy status

Gipsey Bridge Academy and Spilsby Primary Academy are part of the Infinity Academies Trust. As such the Head Teacher is a Trustee and 3 former governors from each of the academies forming the trust have also been as trustees. All of the Trustees meet 6 times a year to ensure the MAT follows current regulations and has the best interests of all Infinity schools at the core of its operating principles and ethos.


How are governors chosen?

  • The Infinity Trustees are appointed by the Members
  • Local Advisory Board (LAB) are appointed by the Trustees. LAB governors are still classed as such but have been delegated only certain local aspects of governance.
  • Staff governors are elected by staff at the school and may cover both teaching and non-teaching staff
  • The Headteacher is a LAB governor at their own school by right.
  • Associate governors can either be appointed for long or short term, can hold full, partial or no voting rights and are often appointed for their expertise in a crucial area of school governance.
  • Each governor has the right to vote on each and every agenda item discussed at governor meetings apart from associate governors.



Both Trust and LAB operate the Circle Model of Governance, in which all Trustees or Governors attend all Trust or LAB meetings. These meetings have alternating focus, Finance & Resources and Curriculum & Standards.

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