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GBA Actioneers 2019/20

GBA Actioneers has grown and grown since its introduction in 2016!  It is a time when pupils are given the opportunity to ask questions, reflect on things happening elsewhere in the world, explore their own values and the values of others and develop a knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live.

10th September

19th September

There was a lot of discussion about how it depended on what the consequences were for not accepting help.  There are times when people want to be independent and not accept help and that decision does not impact on others, whereas, if your refusal for help has negative consequences for others - it is wrong to say no.


'Depending on the situation, we need to help people in a crisis because they may be in danger.  If it's like picking up a pencil you can let people get on with it themselves and be resilient.  But people may need help with problems like the rain forest  burning since that takes 20% of all of our oxygen.' 

24th September

1st October

We discussed how Martin Luther King was campaigning for equality and watched his famous speech 'I have a dream'.  We agreed that the main message in his speech was:


'I have a dream is the world famous speech by Martin Luther King . His aim was equality for all black and white.  Even if their skin is a different colour they should have freedom.' 

Like Article 2 in RRSA includes all children regardless of race, sex, beliefs etc.'

29th October

We were surprised to see how long it took to go from the idea of improving the lives of children to having the Rights of a Child agreed!

4th November - I look forward to seeing what questions pupils ask and their responses to the answers. They were shocked that I did not have to wear a school uniform in primary school!

Our parents' responses to our questions about school before 1989.

12th November

We put the dates given in chronological order - the dates ended with the 30th birthday of the Rights of a Child

We discussed the answers from parents and grandparents about school before 1989.  We were shocked at how many of the punishments included being hit by a bat or cane, how strict teachers were and how children did not have a voice - their opinion or ideas didn't matter.  We are much happier in school with the Rights of a Child being upheld and having a voice that is listened to.

19th November

26th November

'We think it is child labour because at that age children should be going to school and playing with their friends bot being forced to work and also if they have to carry heavy things, injuries are very possible.'


'We think we are very lucky and a lot more safe because they drink dirty water and they live in a bunker/street which is very bad for their health.'


'In the UK we are getting our rights but others are being denied their rights.  They are getting bad water which could make them poorly, child labour and not at school.'


'Unlike us, other countries are not being provided with all their rights... rights to keep us safe and protected from danger.'


'It is very evident that none of us in this room have ever experienced child labour.'

14th January 2020

Pupils worked together to think of the reasons that could be used to convince the Government to pledge a substantial amount to the cause.  Class three then used these reasons to write a postcard to the Government.

27th January 2020

'Yes, we think it is important to remember the discrimination of the Jew as this period in history was horrible; this should never happen again.  This is why we think it is important to remember.  You wouldn't like it if you were a Jew.  Article 29: to live peacefully and respect others.  Article 30: you have the right to believe in religion of your choosing.' 


'Yes it is important to remember about the Jews because their part of our world and they need to be remembered.  It wasn't fair what they had to go through because of who they were.  If we forget it, it might happen again but if we remember we won't repeat history.  This relates to Article 6 which states we have the right to be alive.' 


'It is important we remember because it was something that should not be repeated.  The Nazis were discriminating the Jews and that was not fair.  Anne Frank went through the same thing and was killed in a concentration camp (a camp with acts of torture).  The Jews were denied Article 6 - the right to a life and the right to be protected from war and conflict.  We will remember the people involved.'


'We think yes and no, yes because it is important to remember the people who died and no because in the world there are still some cruel minded people out there who might get ideas from this.'

February 2020

Pupils were able to confidently talk about how you needed to question the source of the information before accepting it as true and reliable.  Many mentioned wikipedia and how anyone can edit it and therefore it cannot be blindly accepted as accurate.