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GBA Debaters

Broadening children’s knowledge of the world


GBA Debaters as grown and grown since its inception in 2016, where we enable our children to make sense of the world, provide context and clarity to complex issues, improve general knowledge and encourage discussion and debate.


Every week we answer and discuss a question to help inform, inspire and stimulate discussion with topical features and develop critical thinking skills by encouraging curiosity and debate.  


It is a time when pupils are given the opportunity to ask questions, reflect on things happening elsewhere in the world, explore their own values and the values of others and develop a knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live.

10th September

19th September

There was a lot of discussion about how it depended on what the consequences were for not accepting help.  There are times when people want to be independent and not accept help and that decision does not impact on others, whereas, if your refusal for help has negative consequences for others - it is wrong to say no.


'Depending on the situation, we need to help people in a crisis because they may be in danger.  If it's like picking up a pencil you can let people get on with it themselves and be resilient.  But people may need help with problems like the rain forest  burning since that takes 20% of all of our oxygen.' 

24th September