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W/C 7th December
Y3 Maths


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Please complete two pages of your handwriting book. Take your time and think about the ascenders and descenders in particular and make sure the letters all sit on the line in the correct places.


Lesson 1

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Lesson 2

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W/C 30th November
Large Classroom Group Year 3

Yr 3 Worksheet 15.wmv

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Tuesday 1st December:

The mind workouts above are from the addition and subtraction chapter and the multiplication and division chapter. Can you solve them? There is no right or wrong way to find the answers so using diagrams, physical resources, times tables squares etc will all help! 


Remember to explain how you know you're right.

Small art room group:

Last week you planned your story, based on a graffiti artist being caught by the police. This week in school, we are putting all of the drama, vocabulary and planning together to write the rest of the story. 


Here is the stimulus you were given last week:


You are an artist. You’ve just completed your first piece of graffiti art and you’re really proud. You’ve worked hard and used all of your skills but suddenly you hear a siren. You’ve been rumbled! How you act next could determine how you spend the next few years of your life…


Can you write the opening to the story? This is just the part where you describe the setting, the characters that are present (most likely just the artist) and set the feel for the story. There shouldn't be any speech or action - it's almost all description.


Tuesday and Wednesday: 

Continue with the rest of the story, using your plan, which we will scan and send to you via email. Remember that you did the hard work last week with the vocabulary and sequence so that you didn't have so much to do this week! It's just a case of putting all of your ideas together creatively so that they flow and make sense. 


- Full stops and capital letters

- Adjectives to build the description

- Letter formation - are they all the correct size and shape and do they sit on the line? 

- Spellings. Use your sound mats (either in your pack if we have managed to get it to you or on here if not) and writing mat to help you.



Last week, we started sketching famous statues. You gave yourself some feedback and thought about what you would do differently to improve your work. Have another go at sketching your chosen statue. Remember to draw what you can see. Think about:

- How much of the page does it fill?

- Where does the arm/mane/nose begin?

- Which parts are lighter/darker than others?


We would love to see a photograph to see how you get on!


One of the aspects of History that Boston is well-known for is the fact that many of the Pilgrim Fathers (first foreign settlers of America) originated from here. The PowerPoint below outlines a brief history of the Pilgrim Fathers and their journey. There is a Thanksgiving task related to this at the end for you to complete on the separate sheet. 


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