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'Celebrate!' Autumn 2 2019

Week 3 and 4 – Diwali

Over weeks 3 and 4 the children have learnt about Diwali. We have talked about how it is celebrated and helped the children to understand that different cultures celebrate in different ways. (Right to be treated fairly)

Over the two weeks the children have:

  • Learnt to order events and use imaginative language when retelling the story of Rama and Sita.
  • Continued learning about colour mixing when making colour wheels and Diwali sweets.  
  • Developed fine motor skills with letter formation and malleable materials when creating Diva lamps
  • Learnt how to copy and create their own repeated patterns in maths
  • Continued learning phonics sounds and started to read and write short words.

Remembrance Day

Today we focused on Remembrance day.

The children watched the Cbeebies Remembrance day video and discussed what was happening to the characters and setting.

Later in the day the children talked more about the war and why Remembrance day is important. We linked this to our right to be protected from harm.

The children then created a poppy display for our topic display board developing their fine motor skills and learning how to join materials.

Week 2 – Bonfire night

This week the children enjoyed learning about bonfire night. We watched Fireman Sam’s bonfire safety tips and discussed different ways that we could stay safe (Right to be protected)

Many children were able to talk about their own experiences of fireworks and we used a range of vocabulary to describe their shapes and sounds.

This linked well with our maths and fine motor sessions this week as we continued to work on pre-letter formation shapes and in started to describe and name simple shapes.

Our shared book this week was “Room on a Broom” we learnt how to talk about the setting of the story and over the week we talk about the different settings that the witch flew over or through.

At the end of the week the children learnt about colour mixing and created firework pictures to show what happens when they mix each primary colour together.

Week 1 – Halloween

What an exciting first week back! The children have been very eager to talk about and share all of the ways they celebrate Halloween at home. Thank you to everyone who added pictures to Tapestry to help us do this in school.

We have also enjoyed lots of Halloween activities in our enhanced provision and learning this week. We continued to develop our scissor skills and fine motor strength by creating paper pumpkins.

Our shared story this week was ‘Room on the broom’ where we learnt to describe the setting. We talked about the time of day, weather and where the witch was flying on each page. We were also able to use some of the preposition vocabulary we learnt before half term – above, in front, behind.

In art and during Welly Wednesday we enjoyed learning about textures. We for smooth, fluffy, bumpy and spikey objects outside and learnt to name and sort them.

In maths we focused on the number 5. We practised comparing groups, using the language more and less, we learnt to order the numerals to 5 and to split the number in different ways. We did this by sorting 5 sweets into different groups during our trick or treat problem solving activity. We even had a go at representing these amounts with marks.

Halloween - How we celebrate at home