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Autumn Term - The Land of Stories


I am very happy to say that we have had a fantastic start to the new term in class one and myself and Mrs Smart were extremely proud of the enthusiasm the children are already showing towards their leaning ! The year 1 children have all settled in nicely to their new classroom and it is great to see that the year 2 children are there helping them along the way.

Our first topic this year is called “The Land of Stories” where our learning will be based around many traditional tales and other stories. We have already begun to create our very own story themed classroom, including a giant beanstalk and a castle. We can’t wait to see our learning environment grow as it is filled with the children’s wonderful work.

To follow our learning journey throughout the topic, each week you can see pictures and updates about what we have been learning about on the class one page below :) 


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Week 6 


In literacy this week we have spent time learning all about the story of Jack and the bean stalk. The children then spent time imagining they were Jack and planned and produced their own diary entries all about a day in the life of Jack.


In topic we have spent time learning about the differences between physical and human features. The children worked in teams to group different images accordingly. 

When working with Mrs Smart this week, the children have been learning about the importance of road safety and identifying safe places to cross the road. 

Week 5 


This week we have begun learning about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children identified key areas of the story and we talked about the choices Jack makes in the story. 

The children spent time using the sketching knowledge from previous art lessons to sketch some wonderful beanstalk pictures. The children focused on their pencil control and made sure they were looking carefully. 

The children then spent time using their sketches to produce some wonderful clay models of beanstalks. 

Our visitors from Beirut told us some Arabic traditional stories.


Week 4

This week the children have been busy learning all about letter writing. We have discussed the difference between formal and informal and they type of language used. As we have spent lots of time learning about Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth, the children have then gone on to plan their own letters to Queen Elizabeth and then we will continue to write them next week.

In topic, we have used our knowledge about toys from the past to design and make our very own Victorian inspired peg dolls. The children loved experimented with all of the different fabrics and I think you will agree that they look fantastic!

This week we have also been extremely lucky to have some visitors from our partner school in Lebanon. The children got to learn about a fairy tale from a different culture and then spent time working in groups to retell the story.

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Week 3

This week the children have been working hard in literacy to write a non-chronological report all about castles.

At the beginning of the week, the children spent lots of time learning about the different feature of a castle and what they were used for. We also spent some time learning about castles in our own locality and their history.

The children have also spent time this week learning about what toys were like during the Victorian times and compared them to the toys they play with now.

During reading comprehension this week, we spent time reading the story called ‘For The Right To Learn’, this then led to a discussion about the children’s rights and class were very enthusiastic to express that every child has the right to learn and should be allowed the same opportunities as everyone else.

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Week 2

This week the children have been working hard in literacy to retell the story of Pinocchio.

The children began the week working in groups to act out key parts of the story, working on their speaking and listening skills and using their body language.

After becoming very familiar with the story the children then went on to retell the story, focusing on how they could make their sentences interesting for people to read.

In topic, we have continued to learn about Queen Victoria and how Britain changed during her reign. The children were particularly interested to learn this week about how Queen Victoria began the tradition of using Christmas trees inside.

We have also continued to learn about famous artist Turner. The children spent some time looking at his paintings, this time focusing on his use of pale and neutral colours. The children were then given the opportunity to mix their own ‘tints’ in preparation for producing their own Turner inspired paintings next week.

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Picture 1
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Week 1


Wow! What a fantastic start to the new term.

The children have all returned to school with such enthusiasm for their learning. We have begun our new topic by focusing on the story of Hansel and Gretel. The children listened carefully to the story and spent time discussing key points and characters in the story. In Literacy, the children have been completing some wonderful Character descriptions, ensuring they used many adjectives to make their sentences interesting.

In topic, we have begun learning about famous artist, JMW Turner. The children learnt about the history of JMW Turner and the art period known as Romanticism. The children then spent time practising sketching a castle image. The children then worked in groups to give each other feedback on their sketches and the children then had another attempt and sketching the castle.