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Autumn Term 1 - Wriggle and Crawl

Wriggle and Crawl


Our Cornerstones project this term is called Wriggle and Crawl. Throughout the project we will be gaining lots of knowledge and understanding about insects, their habitats and what they need to survive in order to answer our project question: Why are insects important?


Visit our class page regularly to follow our learning journey throughout the Wriggle and Crawl project. We can't wait to share all of our fantastic learning experiences with you! 

Take a look at our project knowledge organiser to see what knowledge you will be learning throughout our Wriggle and Crawl project.

Week 8

In music the children have been experimenting with playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments and using their voices to perform a poem about insects.

During this lesson the children have used their knowledge of camouflage and warning colours to design and make a 3-D model of a minibeast. The children collected and used natural materials, such as leaves, twigs and bark, and a range of craft materials, including googly eyes, to create their mini-beasts.

Week 7

We have spent time discussing everything we have learnt so far about insects during this project. The children talked about our project question: Why are insects important? The children then working collaboratively to create large posters explaining exactly why insects are so important!

This week in Art we have been learning all about sketching. The children spent time looking carefully at an image of a beetle. The children then experimented with using their pencil in different ways to add texture and shading to their drawing.

This week we are learning all about story writing. We have started our week learning about the story, Sam's sandwich. The children loved hearing about how Sam made a sandwich for his sister but added some tasty insects to make it extra delicious! The children spent time working in groups to order and retell the story.

Week 6 


We have been following instructions to make our own spiders! Later in the week, we are going to write our own instructions.

We've been learning all about instructions this week. We have been working hard to highlight the key features of instructions.

Week 5 

This week we have been learning all about Honey bees. During Art and design, the children experimented with using lighter and darker colours to create a honeycomb effect.

This week we have learnt all about how bees make honey. We even got to try some yummy honey sandwiches!

Week 4 

In science we have been learning about food chains. We have investigated what foods butterflies like to eat and made some butterfly food to see how many butterflies came to visit. We have also spent time creating our own food chains.

In science we have been working together to make the caterpillar microhabitats that we designed last week. The children thought carefully about the materials they were using to represent the different textures in a caterpillar microhabitat.

Week 3

After we researched Caterpillars, the children worked together to write as many facts as they could remember ready for writing our Non-chronological reports later in the week.

Week 2 

This week the children have been working extremely hard!


In literacy we have been learning all about recounts. The children have learnt that recounts are in the 'past tense' and that it is important to use 'time words' to organise our writing and make sure it is in Chronological order! I have been very impressed with how well the children have been remembering new vocabulary. 

The children then went on to plan and write their very own recounts all about our Mini beast hunt from our WOW day at the very beginning of term. 


This week the children have also spent more time identifying insects and we have began looking at Habitats but will be spending more time on this next week. 


In maths this week the year one children have continued learning all about numbers to ten, ordering numbers and comparing numbers. The year two children have been working on numbers to 100! They have been spending lots of time learning about place values and have also been comparing and ordering numbers! 


Wow! What an extremely busy week in class one! 

Working hard on planning our Mini beast recounts.

Ordering pictures from our Minibeast hunt and planning our recounts.

Week 1 

Our Minibeast hunt!

Year one children ordering numbers in maths.