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Autumn 2020 - Playlist

Week 4
The children wrote some amazing poems based on ‘The Sound Collector’ for their homework. What a fantastic range of sounds they heard around their homes!
Week 3



This week, we have been labelling different parts of the ear and matching their function. 


This week, we have been working together in small groups to create our own version of the poem ‘The Sound Collector’. We shared our ideas about the sounds we could hear around school and put our individual ideas together to create a group poem, which we then read aloud together. We had to think about our intonation and expression and as a challenge, we were asked to think of ways we could incorporate some of the sounds we were describing into the poem!

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Week 2


Religious Education

This term, we will be learning all about the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. This is when people who believe in the Hindu faith celebrate the birthday of the elephant god, Ganesh. 


During a reading comprehension activity, we used images from the Hindu story of Ganesh and used our prediction skills to think about what we thought would happen in the text and describe the different characters. We then read the story and reflected on our answers to see if we would change any of them. 


We then had great fun creating Ganesh masks and we became a class full of elephant gods!



We carried out lots of experiments this week to understand how sound is made.

We recorded our observations using labelled diagrams and written explanations. 


We found it fascinating when the rice bounced on the cling film when we made a loud bang nearby and it was great that we understood how and why this happened. 


By the end of the lesson, we came to the conclusion that sound is made when an object vibrates and these vibrations are sent through the air in sound waves to the ear. We had fun pretending to be vibrating air particles ourselves to show how this would work.




Having learned different music vocabulary earlier in the week, we listened to some live jazz music and talked about the pitch, rhythm, tempo and volume of the different sounds we could hear. We then thought about different shapes that we could associate with those sounds, explaining why we chose them. Looking at Kandinsky’s artwork for inspiration, we created our own abstract pieces by sketching ideas first and then putting these separate ideas together into a final, colourful piece. 

More photos of the final pieces to follow!

Week 1


Memorable Experience


What a brilliant start to the new school year! 


We had a fantastic time during our memorable experience, listening to live guitar music played by Mr Booth. We rocked the morning away and some of us even created our own rock bands. 



During a Speaking and Listening activity, we thought about the sounds we had heard within the live music and how also thought about how the music made us feel.


Within our descriptions we found some great examples of onomatopoeia.

In Science, we began looking at the volume of different sounds. Using sound meters, we listened to sounds we could hear around the school and recorded he volume in decibels. We also had great fun making loud sounds with the musical instruments!