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Autumn 2019 - Brilliant Britain!

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During Autumn Term 1, we will have a history focus to our learning, concentrating on the Tudor period (1485 - 1603). This will see us learning about Tudor monarchs, including Henry VIII and his six wives, as well as the homes people lived in during the Tudor times. We will recreate these from the shoe boxes that the children collected during the Summer Holidays. The children would be delighted to share these with you during the WOW event on Tuesday 15th October. More information will be sent home when we return to school.

Week 1 - Science


During transition week, we began our Science topic, Animals (including humans), by exploring different foods within the main groups. Using the packaging, we looked at the main nutrients within a range of foods.


This week, we have started to look at nutrients at greater depth and have been researching why the human body needs these nutrients in order to stay healthy. 


We have had great fun creating a nutrient super hero. Our task was to design a poster that would encourage people to include their chosen nutrient in their diet. The posters not only included our nutrient super hero but also key facts about the nutrient. 



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Week 2 - Science


This week we presented our posters to the class in order to inform others about our selected nutrient. Some of us chose to present the information formally and others used role play. We had quite a few nutrient super heroes flying around the classroom!


We then investigated the role of fat within our diet. We found out that there are two types of fat, saturated and unsaturated. We learned that we need to be more careful about how much saturated fat we eat as it can cause obesity and be bad for our heart. Lots of us researched and sorted foods into which fat they contain.