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Autumn 2019 - Brilliant Britain!

During Autumn Term 1, we will have a history focus to our learning, concentrating on the Tudor period (1485 - 1603). This will see us learning about Tudor monarchs, including Henry VIII and his six wives, as well as the homes people lived in during the Tudor times. We will recreate these from the shoe boxes that the children collected during the Summer Holidays. The children would be delighted to share these with you during the WOW event on Tuesday 15th October. More information will be sent home when we return to school.

WOW Event - Tudor houses

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come along to our WOW afternoon; the children had an amazing time and the houses look incredible! 

Week 1 - Science


During transition week, we began our Science topic, Animals (including humans), by exploring different foods within the main groups. Using the packaging, we looked at the main nutrients within a range of foods.


This week, we have started to look at nutrients at greater depth and have been researching why the human body needs these nutrients in order to stay healthy. 


We have had great fun creating a nutrient super hero. Our task was to design a poster that would encourage people to include their chosen nutrient in their diet. The posters not only included our nutrient super hero but also key facts about the nutrient. 



Week 2 - Science


This week we presented our posters to the class in order to inform others about our selected nutrient. Some of us chose to present the information formally and others used role play. We had quite a few nutrient super heroes flying around the classroom!


We then investigated the role of fat within our diet. We found out that there are two types of fat, saturated and unsaturated. We learned that we need to be more careful about how much saturated fat we eat as it can cause obesity and be bad for our heart. Lots of us researched and sorted foods into which fat they contain.

Week 3 - Henry VIII and his wives

Through drama and role play, we learned about the six wives of King Henry VIII. Working together, we created these posters as a visual reminder in the classroom of the order of the wives and what happened to them, including how the marriage ended.

Week 3 - Computer Programming


Over the last couple of weeks, we have become more familiar with programming, using Scratch.


We have changed the Sprite and the background. It was great fun learning how to hide and show our Sprites and last week we have learned how to make it spin. An example of this is shown below with the spinning chicken on the farm!

Next, we are going to be making our Sprite glide and fly!

Week 3 - Science


Skeletons! We've been learning all about different types of skeletons!



Week 4 - The English Reformation

The children have done an amazing job of re-writing the events leading up to the English Reformation. It's an incredibly complex concept to understand, but these pieces of work prove just how well they've not only understood it, but also explained it. Very proud teacher!
Teachers from Lebanon

Wow! What a fabulous two days we have had with our visitors from Lebanon.


We were taught some Arabic, performed an Arabic dance and received some amazing informative gifts from their culture in a box. We proudly shared our very own British one also!


We had so much fun and really didn't want our visitors to leave. A memory that will stay with us forever!



Our skeleton competition! 

Which team would be the first to use common names to label their bones and assemble their skeleton?


It took a few alterations for some of us but we all got there in the end!


Superb way to finish a fantastic week, well done Class 2!

Week 5 - RE


This week, we continued learning about people who are Quakers, part of our work about a variety of Christian denominations.


We referred back to our information given during reading comprehension to work in groups to summarise facts about Quaker worship, marriage and buildings. Within our SPaG lesson, we learned how to use subheadings to create mini titles for paragraphs and we all produced some well organised information text.





We used some of our lesson this week to revise the information on our Knowledge Organisers to ensure that the we are all able to have that knowledge on our finger tips!


We were revisiting nutrients and why the body needs them to be healthy. We linked our learning to the Sustainable Development Goals, Goal 3:

Our aim was to produce healthy, well-balanced meals for the SDG 3 café! We put detail on the menus to inform customers of what was included in their meal and why. We would actually like to set up a real café...


The next part of the lesson was continuing our learning about bones. We had 10 minutes to find the scientific names of the bones and stick them on the skeletons we made last week. It was a rush, but we did it! 

We have been investigating different materials to help make our Tudor houses strong and secure. The children have had to consider how they plan to strengthen them so that they don’t fall over because the jetty means they are heavier on the top. We had some very creative ideas!

Week 6 - Science


This week our Science had cross curricular links to SPaG and Reading Comprehension. 


We watched a film clip about the functions of the skeleton. We retrieved information from the film and within our pairs, summarised the main points. We then used subheadings to organise our writing of paragraphs about how the skeleton provides support, protection and movement. 

Term 2


Week 1 - Science


We have moved onto learning about the Digestive System as our topic of Animals including Humans continues.


We studied our new Knowledge Organiser and tried to learn the different parts of the digestive system within the human body. After being given 15 minutes, the majority of us could label a lot of the different parts so we did really well!


We then worked in teams to try and match the function. It was quite tricky at times but we all completed it and worked well within our groups. Next week we will revisit our learning and try to match the function to the name to produce interactive diagrams. 

Week 2


Our visitors from Lebanon very kindly gave us a wonderful cooking book with lots of traditional dished from Lebanon in. We voted on which recipe we wanted to use and then we were all involved in making the delicious biscuits.

We are all looking forward to talking to children in our link school in Lebanon and letting them know our thoughts on the recipe. We are keen to share how delicious they were!

Week 3 - eTwinning


We are very excited on Class 2 as we have become part of an eTwinning project.

The aim of this project is to explore whether our lunch boxes are providing us with a range of different nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. We were all very keen to share what was present in our packed lunch boxes. Even if we didn't have a packed lunch that day, we had great fun investigating foods within the lunches of the other children.  
As a class, we then tried to sort the foods into the different food groups according to the main nutritional content. We had a wide range within our lunches which was great!

Week 4 - Science


In Science, we have been planning a comparative test. As we have been looking at human teeth and their function, we decided to investigate how we can keep them healthy.


We decided to explore which liquids that we consume cause tooth decay. Instead of teeth we will be using hard boiled eggs as their shell is very much like the enamel on teeth. In groups, we decided which liquids to use.


Within the comparative test, we thought about Independent Variables, Dependent Variables and Controlled Variables. In our planning we explained what these variables were so we could carry out a clear, accurate and fait test. 


We have sent Mrs Naghen shopping for eggs and drinks and cannot wait to set this comparative test up next week!

Week 5 - Science


Our comparative test begins...

Week 6 - Science


After a week of observing and recording, we concluded our tooth decay comparative test.


Some of the results were quite surprising and our predictions were not correct. Most of us were not expecting such shocking results from the apple juice or the vinegar which showed massive decay on our egg shell. Unbelievable the syrup did not change the shell at all and with it being full of sugar we thought it would be one of the worse for decay.


As a class, we concluded that the more acidic liquids did more damage to the egg shells.


We then thought of ways we would improve and change the comparative test if we were to repeat the process. We had some great ideas including testing tomato sauce, other fruit juices and smoothies

Week 7 - Science


To complete our Science topic, we explored food chains. 



We're had such fun using Scratch over the last two terms.


Yesterday we managed to create a Dodge Game.


This involved:





1) Making our Sprite walk left and right when the cursers are pressed.

2) Making the Beach Balls fall from the sky.

3) Creating a Lives variable so that when the Beach Ball hits Giga the score will decrease.