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Autumn 2018 - Save The World!

We had lots of helpers for the first part of our WOW event this term. We made the main structures for our inventions, inspired by Thomas Edison earlier in the term. As you can see, we made great use of the time and the models were ready to paint in just an hour and a half!

Week 6


We've had an incredibly exciting week in Class 2 this week. 


Not only did we have the first part of our WOW day, but we have also been busy making our calendars and Christmas cards. We enjoyed making calendars using buttons and everyone was covered after finishing our Christmas card with glitter!



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Picture 3
In addition to making our own Christmas cards, we also made some to send to different European countries as part of our school eTwinning project. On completion of these, we then used the iPads to find some interesting facts about the countries we were sending them to.
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Week 5 - Science


We have had a great time this week designing a product to ensure we are safe in the sun and then producing a poster or leaflet to advertise our product.

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Week 4 - Science


We are well into our topic of Light in Science. We have had great fun investigating reflective surfaces and carrying out mini investigations with mirrors.


This week we have been concentrating on Sun Safety. We began by sorting statements into Sun Hero and Sun Villain and used this as a base to discuss the benefits and dangers of the sun.


We learned all about UV light and how harmful it can be. We set up an experiment to find out the effect of sunlight on coloured card. We made our predictions and we look forward to concluding the experiment next week.


We then had a fun time looking at out pupils! We noted the size of them in a mirror, closed our eyes for 30 seconds. When we opened them, we were shocked at the size of them! We discussed how the pupils react to the light so that less or more light enters the eye according to how much light there is in the environment.

Week 3 - Gladys Aylward


This week we have been learning all about the life of Gladys Aylward.


We learned about how she used her faith to become a missionary in China and how God gave her the strength to overcome many obstacles.


During the week, we watched a short film about her life and used the information gathered to answer relate and inference comprehension questions. In grammar, we learned about prepositions and used them when writing some interesting facts about her life.


We also focussed on how she saved one hundred Chinese orphans by taking them on a long, dangerous journey into safety away from a brutal life as a slave.


This made us think about how lucky we are and appreciate our rights as children. We discussed the many Articles that we have which these poor children didn’t. It made us all feel extremely grateful.

Homework - Week 3

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Inspired by Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb invention, I’d like to introduce to you the ‘Cube Scoop’. Brilliant! Children were asked to invent something new and draw and label it. The model was a voluntary extra!

Week 2 - Literacy


On Friday in Literacy this week we have been learning about Thomas Edison.


We read a passage which enabled us to learn lots of facts about the famous inventor. We learned that his invention of the electric light bulb changed the world forever and it was extremely difficult for us to comprehend how we could manage without them!


Using facts from the text read, we carried out a retrieval comprehension activity to deepen our knowledge of Thomas Edison. We then completed a Green Activity where we consolidated out learning from last week and carried out a define task. We looked up specific words from the text in a thesaurus to find synonyms.


Thomas Edison has been a fantastic person to explore as he has also expanded our knowledge of our Science topic of light. We are really looking forward to finding out more next week.





Autumn 2


Week 1 - Science





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This week in Science, we have started our new topic of Light. 


In groups, we sorted cards into objects that were sources of light and those that were not. 


We then carried out a fun activity where objects were in a dark feely bag and we had to guess what the objects were.  We all found it easier when light was present to illuminate the object. 

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Week 7


This term we've really enjoyed our boxercise classes. We have really perfected our superhero moves!!

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Week 7 - WOW Event!

Week 7 - WOW Event! 1
Week 7 - WOW Event! 2
Week 7 - WOW Event! 3
We had a brilliant time at our WOW Event this afternoon, showing the grown-ups our Andy Warhol projects and sharing all of our project learning from this term. Thank you to everyone who joined us. For anyone hoping to see photographs of their children's artwork, due to a technical difficulty the photographs cannot be uploaded this evening and will hopefully be on this page tomorrow! Sorry for the delay.

Week 6


In our grammar lesson this week, we have been learning about how conjunctions can be used to join clauses to make more complex sentences. We have also learned that conjunctions can be used to describe place, time and cause.


Within the lesson we were writing sentences using conjunctions and some of us chose to write them about superheroes and magic!


Picture 1

Week 5 Chinese

Week 5 Chinese 1
Having already looked at basic greetings and counting to three, Meta taught us to count to 10 in Chinese! We picked it up really quickly and were keen to share our ideas about what we'd like to learn next!

Weeks 4 and 5 - Religious Education 


In Religious Education we have started our Being Human topic based on Christianity. 

During weeks 4 and 5, we have been reading and listening to parables from the Bible.

The first two parables were The Good Samaritan and The Wiseman and the Foolish man. We carried out comprehension activities to further our knowledge, using Retrieval and Inference skills, and we are looking forward to reading more in the next few weeks.

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Week 4 French

Week 4 French 1
Week 4 French 2
In French, we have been learning the names of colours and using these to label the Avengers! We then learned how to use these in a noun phrase, spotting that in French, the adjective is placed after the noun. 

​​​​​Week 4 Science


We've had another exciting week in Science this week. We carried out an investigation on pitch. Mrs Naghen gave us three water bottles, spoons and water and in groups we had to create three different pitches. We realised that the volume of water in the bottles changed the pitch of the sound as the spoon hit the bottle. Some of us even attempted five bottles and tried to play a tune!


We then explored musical instruments and investigated how high and low pitches were created. 

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Picture 2

Week 3 Art

Week 3 Art 1
Week 3 Art 2
Week 3 Art 3
We have been busy creating the initial sketches, ready for our Andy Warhol-inspired Pop Art creations. We created these by copying existing pictures section-by-section so that we didn't have to concentrate on the whole picture in one go. Watch this space for the next step next week!

Week 3 Science


In science this week we have been learning about how sound travels through the air onto the ear. We sequenced pictures to show the steps and matched captions. We labelled the parts of the ear and then did some research on how sound reaches the brain.


We then investigated. We were given rice, a metal pan, a bowl and some cling film. Our task was that we had to make the rice move without touching what it is on or in.


In the end we realised that we could move it by creating sound vibrations. The sound had to be loud to make the vibrations give energy to the particles in the air so that the bowl and rice moved. It was a very noisy lesson!!


Week 2 Maths

Week 2 Maths 1
Week 2 Maths 2
Week 2 Maths 3
Week 2 Maths 4
Week 2 Maths 5
Week 2 Maths 6
We’ve really been enjoying exploring a range of Maths apparatus and representing problems in different ways as part of our new ‘Maths - No Problem!’ scheme. Already, we’re showing our working in different ways to each other and selecting our own way to approach the problem. A great start!