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Are we there yet? Summer Term 2

Reception Project: Are we there yet? – Summer 2


Our final term together will all lead up to our WOW event – a trip to Norfolk Lavender Animal Gardens and Play park with Class 1.

We will launch our project with a story bus adventure and work together as a class to create our bus role play.

During the term we will learn about different buses, role play trips, we will take part in lots of investigations, answer how questions and design and make our own magnet powered buses.

We are also going to discover just how far we come this year, celebrate our year together and look forward to our transition into class 1.

Week 4 & 5

Over the last two weeks we have focused on the story of the 'Naughty Bus'. 

After watching, talking about and answering questions about the story  in week 3 the children created a story map with lots of pictures to show what had happened.

The next week we then wrote a list of all the things we would need to re create the story. The children then decided to collect them as a team and wrapped up toy buses before acting it out, over and over again. 

The children loved going through the plate of beans and in our pretend toothpaste the best. 

Later in the week we re-retold the story using our maps and photos. We then ordered the pictures and wrote sentences  to create our own 'Naughty bus' recounts. 

In topic we have also recapped our learning about magnets and materials and on our last day before transition we created our very own magnet powered cars. The children had to measure the wooden dowel carefully and cut it with a handsaw before attaching the wheels to their vehicle. 

Week 3 

This week the children in class 1 and Reception went on a trip to Norfolk Lavender and Animal Farm park. The children listened carefully and learnt about Lavender, herbs and distilling in the garden with Michelle. They were not very keen on the smell of Lavender oil! We then toured the animal park with Leanne. We learnt about porcupines and owls. We got to stroke a Wallaby and feed the goats before having lunch and a quick trip around the maze. The children thought of some really sensible questions to ask and behaved beautifully.


In Literacy we had been learnt about postcards, in maths we revisited adding and taking away and in topic we explored magnets and finished off our junk model buses. 

Week 2 

We started this week with a walk to our local bus stop. We looked at the timetable and waved at the bus as it went past. The children were able to talk about road safety, name parts of the bus and enjoyed spotting numbers on number plates. While we were there the children spotted some painted stones. The children then made their own and we took them back to leave in the shelter. 


Throughout the rest of the week we have learnt about tourist attractions and added brown signs to our small world map, we have played imaginatively with vehicles, made our own role play timetables and designed our own buses ready to create a special bus leaflet.


In our topic sessions we have investigated push an pull forces, made Father's Day cards and investigated which materials allow our buses to travel the furthest. In maths we have been securing our understanding of place value and in PE we enjoyed Dodgeball with Mr B. 

Week 1

This week we launched our topic by learning about the parts of a bus, looking at different types of buses and creating our own bus role play in the classroom. The children learnt lots of new vocabulary and we had great fun applying this in our play together. 


During the week we also read "The Hundred Decker Bus". The children were fascinated by all of the different decks and worked together to create their own 6 decker bus by playing a drawing game. 


We learnt more about our class trip, explored the feature of leaflets, created our own verses to "The wheels on the bus",  began our class Lego bus project, started our engineering challenges and talked about road safety.