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'A Pocket Full of Rhymes' Autumn 2018

Jean Petit Qui Danse

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Singing the French rhyme Jean Petit Qui Danse for our E-twinning project

Our Classroom

Parent voice from WOW event

Nursery Rhyme WOW event


Thank you to all of the grown-ups that joined us for our Nursery Rhyme WOW event. The children loved singing their favourite nursery rhymes with you and showing you all of the activities that they helped to organise. You all behaved beautifully, had lots of fun and created a wonderful nursery rhyme book and crafts to take home.

Week 7 – Incy Wincy Spider


Our final rhyme this term was Incy Wincy Spider. We hunted for lots of spiders webs all around school and the children enjoyed taking photos. We also learnt about the parts of a spider, used spiders webs to order and count objects, made our own spider web paintings and created a giant spider web out of wool that we practised moving under, over and through.

Week 6 -Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

This week we celebrated Harvest festival. The children have learnt all about being grateful and saying thank you. We talked a lot about Autumn, the food bank, where our harvest donations were taken, and about children in other countries that have less food than us.

We were also incredibly proud of Reception dancing to ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ in their first parent assembly! Well done everyone!

Week 5 – The Grand Old Duke of York

We started the week by talking all about the words in ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’. We also watched a video of the guards marching at Buckingham Palace and had a go at marching ourselves. Later we enjoyed playing Simon Says. We pretended that the Grand Duke was giving us instructions; we listened carefully and practised moving in lots of different ways. Last week, during Welly Wednesday, the children asked if they could grow some grass so this week we made our own hill using mud and grass seed.

We also enjoyed reading the book ‘It’s ok to be different’ by Todd Parr. We discovered how wonderful it is to be unique and how boring it would be if we all looked the same. At the end of the week, we decided to throw our own party to celebrate the queen’s birthday. We enjoyed blowing up balloons, making cakes, cards and filling party bags.

Week 4 – Jack and Jill

We loved signing the rhyme Jack and Jill and acting it out on our own crate hills outside. We started by talking about some of the new vocabulary in the rhyme. Later in the week we changed what Jack and Jill fetched in their bucket and how they went up the hill. This fitted perfectly with maths this week as we learnt all about opposites; sometimes Jack and Jill had a heavy bucket, sometimes it was light,, sometimes they walked quickly, sometimes they walked slowly.

The children also liked showing us how to be loud then quiet, playing stop and go and making tall and short hills or mountains with the play dough. During ‘Welly Wednesday’ we even compared the different sticks and leaves we found; some were longer, some were shorter.

Week 3 – Humpty Dumpty, Miss Polly had a Dolly, 5 Little Monkeys

This week we learnt rhymes all about going to the hospital or doctors. We have loved role-playing in the hospital and the children were very sensible about sharing their own experiences and feelings. Our first rhyme, Miss Polly had a Dolly, helped us to role-play at the beginning of the week and we created our own books with pictures and marks to explain the order of the rhyme. Humpty Dumpty was helpful to learn prepositions, to practise our cutting skills and to make walls for humpty and enclosures for the kings horses. Finally, 5 Little Monkey’s was brilliant in maths for us to practise counting, sorting groups of objects and playing with numbers on a 10 frame

Week 2 – Hickory Dickory Dock

A very special clock arrived in our classroom this week, but sadly it had lost it’s bong and it’s tick! We played different instruments to see which made the best clock noises. Luckily, the clock began to work again and we were able to sing Hickory Dickory Dock. We sung it with a mouse, a monkey, a rabbit and a crocodile. It was really funny! The children even had a go at doing silly versions of the rhyme themselves in play. We have also had lots of fun exploring clocks and numbers, making mice, starting messy fingers (to develop fine motor skill) and beginning our e-twinning project, ‘A World Full of Rhymes.’

Week 1 - The Wheels on the Bus


What a busy first week. The children have settled in really well and have enjoyed exploring the classroom and joining in with lots of different activities. We especially loved hunting for shapes, sorting coloured objects, making buses, finding logos on our imaginative bus ride and getting the vehicles very messy in the mud, paint, sand and water!