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'100' Spring 2 2019

Week 4

We started this week by reading a book called Centipede’s 100 shoes by Tony Ross. We discussed the fact that centipedes do not really have 100 legs and enjoyed spending time hunting for centipedes and millipedes in the mud pit or garden.

Over the week we looked at different types of centipedes around the world and compared the environments that they live in.  The children drew two different environments and labelled them.  

On Friday, we did  Plan-do-review. The children talked about the parts of a centipede before planning and making their own individually or in a small group. We will then review next week.

Week 3

This week we started by reading the story the ‘Hundred Decker Bus’ by Mike Smith. We made our own buses out of Duplo, compared the lengths and even worked as a team to create a bus with 100 levels.  Over the week, the children then learnt to measure with non-standard measures and enjoyed problem-solving challenges. They were particularly excited to discover what 100cm would look like.

As part of our topic this week, we compared different houses. We talked about things that were similar about them and the features that were different. 

We discussed Article 27 (adequate standard of living)

Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical needs.

In science we then experimented with materials to create a waterproof roof for a house.

Week 1

We have loved learning about the number 100 for our new project. The children have been excitedly creating 100 with different resources in maths, learning how to make colours lighter and darker in art and learning how to describe the similarities and difference in lots of bricks (child interest). We have also talked about our aspirations and added these to our class tree, worked together in teams in PE and began writing a class story using music as our inspiration.