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Week 4 - Cubes Everywhere

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Our problem today was all about ordering cubes. 

We had two different coloured cubes and were allowed to use 3 of one colour and 2 of the other colour. There were some strict criteria that we had to follow. The three same coloured cubes were the only ones that were allowed to touch the floor and the same coloured two cubes had to be touching face to face. 


We split into small groups and then took to tackling the problem. Lots of people rushed along and tried to make as many as they could, but soon realised that a lot of their solutions didn't stick to the criteria.


'We took our time and made sure that we had understood the rules fully. We then started to build the cubes. When we came up with one idea we would check that it followed the rules and then put it to one side. Then we would see if we could change it a little bit to make a new one.'


'It got even harder to make a new as we went on because they kept on being the same as one we had already made.'


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