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Week 3 - School Fair Necklaces

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This weeks problem was all about working systematically. We had to find how many different ways a necklace could be made using 8 beads. To make it harder, each necklace had to use 4 beads of each colour and they had to be symmetrical! 




Some of us rushed off putting beads here there and everywhere but we soon realised that we would have to use a more systematical approach if we were going to find all of the solutions without getting completely lost and confused. 


Once we started working in an order that we could work with as a pair, we started to find different necklaces were a lot easier to find, but making sure each one met the strick criteria was still very tricky. 


In the end there were 3 of us that managed to find all of the possible necklaces and the rest of us were not far behind. McKenzie explained how he worked his way through the problem and demonstrated on the whiteboard for us. 


McKenzie said that every time he came up with a new necklace that met the criteria, he would swap the two colours around and check if that also met the criteria. Then he went into the next one and repeated the process. 

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