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Vikings - Summer 2015

Picture 1

Viking Boats

The children tested lots of different items from around the classroom and created a chart to show which items would be the best to make boats from. The properties that they decided were most important for the materials were: buoyant, waterproof and sturdy.


The next day, the children used this research to design and make boats from everyday items. They then tested them in our own version of a stormy sea and evaluated them against the properties they had previously decided were important.


The children also had to make sure the test was fair and that they had left a place for the Vikings to sit and row!

Beowulf Animations

Songs for the Summer play

These are the backing tracks for the songs you need to learn for the summer play. I have taken them from YouTube and converted them so that they're all in one place for you.

2 Viking Rock You.mp3

3 Fog On The Tyne.mp3

4 Grease Lightning.mp3

5 Queen - Another One Bites the Dust.mp3