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Term 3 - Toybox Treasures

Picture 1

Our first role play this term is a toy shop. Check back soon to see our learning during the Summer Term

Our first role play this term is a toy shop. Check back soon to see our learning during the Summer Term 1

Week 3-

This week we spent several sessions working on our old toy adverts. Some of the finished adverts were even shown in assembly. Take a look at some of our videos below.

Jacob's Ladder Advert

Still image for this video

Spinning top advert

Still image for this video

Monopoly Advert

Still image for this video

Week 2 -  Now and then

After a fantastic trip to Belton house we used all of new knowledge, and our imaginations, to help us take a trip back in time through a magical hoop. Once we stepped through the hoop we walked around Belton house (the classroom) looking at all the things that were different in the past (we used photos of Belton house). This really caught the children's imaginations and they used some wonderful descriptions, explanations and comparisons to talk about life now and then.


In maths we learnt how to solve problems, in Understanding the World we used our imaginations again to take a trip on the story bus and discover what Paddington had found on the Dirty beach. This story taught us all about litter and how this can hurt animals and the environment. We also created our own dance moves in music, practiced our races ready for sports day and started to talk about our wonderful homework creations.

Picture 1 Egg and spoon race
Picture 2 Obstacle course race
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 aging our old toy pictures
Picture 6 We used water and tea bags
Picture 7 Some children drew the toy they made for homework
Picture 8 Other children chose a toy from our toy museum
Picture 9 The top self has lots of toys children have made
Picture 10
Picture 11 A jack in the box
Picture 12 Our Museum rules posters
Picture 13 Our Museum rules posters
Picture 14 Our toy Museum is nearly full
Picture 15 travelling back in time
Picture 16 Stepping through the magic hoop
Picture 17 How was life different in the pas?
Picture 18 What can you see?
Picture 19 We compared our lives with children in the past
Picture 20
Picture 21 Lots of children liked the idea of having servants
Picture 22
Picture 23 This is our class book this term.
Picture 24
Picture 25 Paddington and the dirty beach
Picture 26 We helped to clean up the litter on the beach
Picture 27 Some children chose to make posters about litter
Picture 28 We each wrote a sentence about the litter
Picture 29 Sharing problems
Picture 30 We shared objects between a number of puppets...
Picture 31 ...then we worked out how many were all together.

Week 1- Visiting Belton House


What a wonderful day! We compared the rooms in the house with our own houses, we played with a range of old fashioned toys and dressed up as both servants and rich children visiting Lord Brownlow. All of the children were beautifully behaved and lots of adults commented on this and how polite they had been.

Week 6- Preparing for the toy sale.

At the beginning of the week we spent some time doing the final preparations for our toy sale. We did this by making signs, writing name labels, creating purses and sorting the pretend money we would need for our sale. We also had a little practice at selling our toys so that we would all know where to stand.  

On Wednesday the children did a fantastic job selling their toys, demonstrating how they worked and explaining what they were and what they did.  Thank you to all of the grown-ups that came and helped to make this a wonderful afternoon for the children.

Picture 1 Finding the numbers we will use in word problems
Picture 2
Picture 3 Talking about different environments
Picture 4 Making purses
Picture 5
Picture 6 Finding the coins our grown ups will need.
Picture 7 Recognising coins
Picture 8
Picture 9 Reading in different ways
Picture 10 One child suggested that we could read in hats
Picture 11 We are very good at writing in our new books
Picture 12 We are practicing writing on the line...
Picture 13 ... and keeping our letters small.

Week  5 – Preparing for the toy sale.

In literacy this week we learnt about posters and created shared posters as a group before making our own individual or paired posters at the end of the week. The children produced some wonderful work with all of the information their grown-ups would need to come to our toy sale.  Some of the posters that we looked at offered free gifts for all customers so our children decided that we should offer free drinks and biscuits to make more people want to come.


In maths we learnt about volume and capacity. To begin with we learnt how to describe the volume of the containers by talking about how much was in them. Later in the week we learnt to talk about the capacity of containers. We compared which containers could hold the most and which could hold the least. We then measured the capacity of a range of containers using cup fulls of blocks, sand or water.  


At the end of the week we also created our final moving toys. We used our designs to draw our creations on to cardboard.  We then cut out the shapes and attached them together using split pins.

Picture 1 using different parts of our feet
Picture 2 dribbling a ball
Picture 3 foot work practice
Picture 4 jumping hurdles
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 Our moving toy sale posters
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Painting our models
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Discoving the capacity of containers
Picture 18 We love it when the sun shines. We enjoy mud play.
Picture 19
Picture 20 Measuring the capacity using cups.
Picture 21 Selling bottles with different volumes in our shop
Picture 22 Describing the volume.

Week 4 - Moving toys

This week  the children began by creating a design for their own moving toy. We learnt how to use a ruler when labeling our design and everyone thought of their own unique idea. The next day we used i-pads to explain our ideas.


In maths we used moving toys when learning how to measure seconds. When counting seconds we used the words Ellie Elephant to help us to count slowly enough.  Later in the week we practice counting how many seconds it took our friends to do different races on the playground. By the end of the week we were able to compare lengths of time, in seconds and decide which toy was the fastest and which was the slowest. 


We also finished working on our dance in PE. Each week we have been learning different ways to move to different types of music. Some of the music was quiet so we tip-toed, some of the music was fast so we skipped. This week we made up our own movements to go to our final piece of music 'The dance of the elves'. We thought this music sounded funny so our movements were funny too and we worked hard in pairs to do these to the music.

Picture 1 Counting seconds
Picture 2 Playing with moving toys
Picture 3 Creating our own races and counting seconds
Picture 4
Picture 5 The dance of the Elves
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9 Voting in our school election
Picture 10 Collecting our ballot papers.

Week 3 - Moving Toys

We started week 3 by talking about the types of toys that we would ideally like for our classroom. We used catalogues to help us make our decision. The children agreed that they would like more vehicles or outdoor toys. We then used the ipad skills and apps that we had learnt about over the term to record the type of toys we would like to buy for our classroom.  Over the next few weeks the children will create moving toys to sell in a pretend toy sale at the end of term to earn enough pretend money to buy these toys. More information will follow shortly. The first moving toy that we learnt to make was a split pin robot.  


We also finished our learning about healthy living by watching some of the video ‘Sid the science Kid’s Healthy day’ and making fruit smoothies. The children had asked if we could make these as a healthy snack. All of the children enjoyed doing this and everyone was brave and tried the smoothies they made. Watch the rest of Sid the Science Kid’s video at home with the link below.


Picture 1 Using the microphone app to record ideas
Picture 2 Using a video camera app to record ideas
Picture 3 Using the note app to record ideas
Picture 4 practicing ball skills in a race
Picture 5 Imaginative play in a box!
Picture 6 Playing schools
Picture 7 Making beebots move
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Using ipads
Picture 11 Sharing into 3 groups
Picture 12 Sharing into 3 groups
Picture 13 Sharing into 4 groups
Picture 14 Using split pins safely
Picture 15
Picture 16 Making moving toys
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19 Show and tell with Pebbles the bear
Picture 20 Making smoothies
Picture 21 Orange, mango, pineapple and passionfruit
Picture 22
Picture 23 Strawberry and banana

Week 2- Our Favourite Toys


This week we started by finding out information about the toys we had when we were younger. The children learnt that they could search for toys using technology, by looking at websites and using search engines, or they could use books and catalogues.

Next we talked about how the different parts of our toys might be joined together. We came up with lots of different ways that we could join materials in our classroom. We then did our own investigation to find out what worked best to join the materials we would be using to make our toys. Most of the children thought that staples were the best way to join materials as they were the strongest.

In maths this week we have been learning about solid shapes. The children have loved this new challenge and have had lots of fun singing solid shape songs, playing with bouncing bubbles to help us to remember the shape name sphere and taking part in team based games and competitions.

Picture 1 skipping to the music
Picture 2 taking large steps
Picture 3 moving around the room
Picture 4 joining materials
Picture 5 investigating materials
Picture 6 Making models
Picture 7 creating handbags
Picture 8
Picture 9 Collecting cubes
Picture 10 Finding cuboids
Picture 11 Collecting spheres
Picture 12 sorting solid shapes
Picture 13 Use ICT
Picture 14 playing together
Picture 15 Building models
Picture 16 Use equipment
Picture 17 What works best to stick materials together?
Picture 18 What type of toy have you found?
Picture 19 sorting solid shapes
Picture 20 Working as a team
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24

Thank you Class one for sharing your bouncing bubbles with us! They really helped us to remember the solid shape name sphere

Can you find a sphere?

Still image for this video

Week 1 - Our favourite toys

This week we have started our new topic by learning about our favourite toys. The children brought these into school throughout the first week and we learnt what type of toy our toy was and what materials they were made of. Later in the week we began to test a range of materials to see if they were flexible or solid and whether they would float or sink. We have also be working very hard in maths where we have been learning to half a number of objects and in PE we played a range of team building games. The children were particularly good at working in pairs to transport a dinosaur egg to its nest without using their hands. We had to listen to the instruction and to each other very carefully so that we would succeed.

Picture 1 Enjoying dressing up in the sunshine
Picture 2 water play
Picture 3 building outside in the sun
Picture 4 investigating materials
Picture 5 Is it waterproof? Does it float or sink?
Picture 6 "Is it waterproof?"
Picture 7 investigating materials
Picture 8 We are getting very good at independent learning
Picture 9 "We are careful counters"
Picture 10 Halving 8
Picture 11
Picture 12 Halving 10
Picture 13 Halving 4
Picture 14 Halving 12
Picture 15