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Term 3 - Epic Explorers

Foundation Stage's Learning Adventure

Foundation Stage's Learning Adventure 1

Foundation Stage's Awards Ceremony


Well done to all of the children in Foundation Stage. We have had a fantastic year full of lots of learning and fun! Have a look at the pictures from our own awards ceremony. The children made certificates, medals and trophies and thought about the things they loved about their friends. We hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29

Week 5- Travelling to the Congo


We have had a very busy week this week!!

We experienced what it would be like to go to the airport and board a plane as part of a whole class imaginative role play.  In art we finished our rainforest in a box, in Understanding the World we learnt that our actions can affect the environement and to help us remember the importance or recycling we made our own recylced paper.  As part of our literacy we learnt how to write invitations and wrote these to our friends...

....and in maths we practiced writing numbers and used the skills we had learnt througout the year to help to plan our party.


At the end of the week we also had our Jungle party and our open classroom event afterschool for all of our grown ups to attend.


Thank you to all of the parents and carers that came to look at the work the children have done this term. They have worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of the progress they have made.

Picture 1
Picture 2 Collecting our tickets from the travel agents
Picture 3 "Look at my ticket!"
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7 "will my luggage beep?"
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Going throguh checks at the airport
Picture 12 "I'm going on holiday!"
Picture 13 Welcome to Miss Munden and Miss Wenniger Airline
Picture 14 Flying on the plane
Picture 15 Enjoying the air hostess service
Picture 16 Boarding the plane
Picture 17 Departure lounge
Picture 18 Checking tickets
Picture 19 Setting up Egypt
Picture 20 Settign up Egypt
Picture 21 Setting up the Artic
Picture 22 Setting up the seaside
Picture 23 setting up the seaside
Picture 24 Setting up the Artic
Picture 25 Jungle Party Day
Picture 26 Balloon fun
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29
Picture 30
Picture 31
Picture 32 The children made and posed in their photo booth.
Picture 33
Picture 34 Pin the tail on the monkey
Picture 35
Picture 36
Picture 37
Picture 38
Picture 39
Picture 40
Picture 41 Jungle party food
Picture 42
Picture 43 Rumble in the jungle game
Picture 44 Sssh don't let them hear you.
Picture 45
Picture 46
Picture 47 Dancing
Picture 48 Mrs Cockram and Miss Walsh showed us how to move!
Picture 49
Picture 50
Picture 51 Party invitations to our friends
Picture 52 Party invtations to our friends
Picture 53
Picture 54 Making recyled paper
Picture 55
Picture 56
Picture 57
Picture 58
Picture 59
Picture 60
Picture 61 We learnt how important it is to recyle.
Picture 62
Picture 63
Picture 64 We are helping to protect the environment.
Picture 65
Picture 66
Picture 67 Parents and carers open classroom after school.
Picture 68
Picture 69 open classroom after school
Picture 70
Picture 71
Picture 72 open classroom after school
Picture 73 We showed the parents around using our maps

Week 3 - The Rainforest


During these two weeks we travelled to the rainforest. The children begun by exploring non-fiction books to discover what types of animals lived there. Some of our favourite animals were the toucans, the leaf cutter ants, the macaw parrots, the sloth and the howler monkeys.


We then pretended to be these animals in our play. The next day we made up stories about the animals. Our stories were very imaginative and we used what we had learnt about the structure of stories to make sure that our characters had a problem they needed to solve.


By the middle of the week we decided that we wanted to make our own rainforest in a box so we learnt how to use word on the computer to write sentences. We each wrote a sentence to ask our grown ups for shoe boxes.


We also learnt how to half this week. We enjoyed putting our hands into a basket of plastic bugs to pull out the number we needed to half. We then used bugs, leaves and gems to seperate that number of objects into two equal groups.



Picture 1 A monkey
Picture 2 A snake
Picture 3 A snake
Picture 4 The rainforest
Picture 5 The rainforest
Picture 6 Writing a letter
Picture 7 Writing a letter
Picture 8 writing the letter
Picture 9 Paree the parrot
Picture 10 minion parrot
Picture 11 A leopard
Picture 12 Halving
Picture 13 Halving
Picture 14 Halving
Picture 15 Halving
Picture 16 Playing and learning together
Picture 17 Playing and learning together

Week 2 - Ancient Egypt


This week we have started to learn about Ancient Egypt. We have explored the lives of the children in the past by looking at pictures and adventuring back in time through a magic  hoop so that we could learn about the things that they wore, what they did, where they lived and what they belived.


We have a had lots of fun making our own pyramids, dressing up in white linnen kilts, making amulets to protect ourselves and writing our name in heiroglyphs. We even had a go at turning each other into mummies.


We have also been working incredibly hard in maths to learn how to double and in Literacy we have been learning about the structures of stories and we had a go at createing our own ending to the story the Magic Porridge Pot.

Picture 1 Doubling
Picture 2 Doubling
Picture 3 Doubling
Picture 4 The Magic Porrige pot
Picture 5 Heirogliphs
Picture 6 Amulets
Picture 7 Amulets
Picture 8 Egyptian games with sticks and balls
Picture 9 Heiroglyphs
Picture 10 Egyptian children - making mud bricks
Picture 11 Dressing up
Picture 12 Making mummies
Picture 13 Making mummies
Picture 14 Making mummies
Picture 15 Making mummies
Picture 16 Making mummies

Week 1 - Egypt


This week we have been learning all about Egypt. At the begining of the week we learnt about the features of the enviroment and added these to a map. We used lots of other maps to help us to find out where the oasis and pyramids were as well as the river Nile and Red Sea.


Later in the week we used ipads to record something that we had learnt. We thought about how we would like to record this and then chose an app. Some children chose to draw, write, take pictures, videos or record their voice.


In maths this week we have been learning to share objects into equal groups. Sweets have worked brilliantly to help us to solve problems and share into equal groups of 2, 5 or 10.



Picture 1 Finding features of the environment
Picture 2 Adding the oasis to a map of Egypt
Picture 3 Colouring the desert and the river nile.
Picture 4 Finding the pyramids.
Picture 5 Looking at our learning journals
Picture 6 Looking at our learning journals
Picture 7 Looking at our learning journals
Picture 8 Looking at our learning journals
Picture 9 Using apps for a purpose
Picture 10 Using an app to write a sentence about Egypt
Picture 11 Using an app to draw a picture.
Picture 12 Using an app to draw a picture.
Picture 13 "In Egypt there are lots pyramids."
Picture 14 "A pyramid. There are the sarcophagus."
Picture 15 A pyramid
Picture 16 Talking about the past
Picture 17 Sharing into equal groups
Picture 18 Sharing into groups of 2
Picture 19 Sharing into groups of 2
Picture 20 Sharing into groups of 2
Picture 21 Sharing into groups of 2
Picture 22 Solving problems sharing into groups of 5.
Picture 23 Solving problems sharing into groups of 2.

Week 5- Polar explorers


This week we have loved making patterns with paint, compare bears, chalk, shells and anything else that we could find.


Rainbow bear was so impressed with our colourful patterns that she asked us to make a blanket to keep her baby warm. The children applied the skills they had learnt to design a patterned blanket for baby bear.


We then reflected on our patterns and evaluated our own or each others designs. We thought carefully about what we had done well and what we could improve. We then used our evaluations to improve our designs.


The next day we learnt all about different materials, we used texture words to describe them and chose a material that would be good for baby bears blanket. We decided that it couldn't be too scratchy as it wouldn't be comfortable, it couldn't be too light otherwise it might blow away and it had to be soft and thick to keep baby bear warm.


Some of the children then had a go at joining materials and making the blanket using their designs.

Picture 1 Learning about parts of the polar bear
Picture 2 Making an igloo
Picture 3 choosing materials
Picture 4 making repeating patterns
Picture 5 making repeating patterns
Picture 6 repeating patterns
Picture 7 repeating patterns
Picture 8 repeating patterns
Picture 9 repeating patterns
Picture 10 repeating patterns
Picture 11 1st attempt
Picture 12 evaluating designs.
Picture 13 patterns using materials
Picture 14 patterns using materials
Picture 15 patterns using materials
Picture 16 choosing materials
Picture 17 shaping and joining materials
Picture 18 descibing characters
Picture 19 describing characters

Week 4 - Artic explorers!


This week the children have been really inspired by Michael Morpurgo's story the 'Rainbow bear', which we are reading gradually over the week.


We have learnt about the new features of the arctic environment and talked about the differences to our own environment in Gipsey Bridge, we have been learning to give our opinion about the character the Rainbow Bear and we have been using colours for a purpose to create our own artic and rainbow bears outside on the playground in chalk. They look fantastic!!


Week 3 - Going on the train to Scotland


This week we started our week by boarding a train to Scotland. Our conductor handed tickets to us and shouted "All aboard!".


We talked about the features of the environment in the highlands of Scotland. The children decided on the things that they thought were special about Scotland and made an video to share with others.


Our story this week was "Katie in Scotland" and the children learnt how use the word because to explain what they thought about the character Nessie. We then designed and made our own Loch Ness monsters using clay. We learnt how to roll the clay and join the pieces using water and our fingers.  


We've also had a go at giving and writing instructions, we have learnt how to estimate as well as learning that everyone has different likes and dislikes.  

Picture 1 Our conductor is handing out tickets.
Picture 2 "All aboard"
Picture 3 Nessie
Picture 4 Estimating game
Picture 5 Checking our estimations by counting the objects.
Picture 6 rolling a ball
Picture 7 using tools to make marks
Picture 8 rolling a sausage
Picture 9 "nearly finished"
Picture 10 "look it has a long neck"
Picture 11 using water to join pieces of clay
Picture 12 shaping the clay.
Picture 13 using tools to cut and shape
Picture 14 "he has spikes"
Picture 15 Finding out what different people like

Week 2 - Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!


This week our adventure began at the seaside. We explored pictures of the seaside and watched a video about the different things that people can do on a seaside holiday. We then learnt how to role play these different experiences using our bodies and our voices to recreate them.


The next day we then learnt how to write a postcard and wrote about our favourite activity to our grown up at home. The children also learnt that a postcard has a picture on the front.


We learnt how to mix and experiment with different colours to paint shells and starfish to go on the front.


At the end of the week we had a go at writing our own address neatly and then went to post the postcards in the post box near school. The children were very excited to get their postcards at home and we can't wait to see the pictures of the children with these postcards at home.

Picture 1 We also learnt how to use number lines to add.
Picture 2 Lifting a pretend bucket of heavy sand.
Picture 3 "we are sunbathing"
Picture 4 Exploring in our rock pool.
Picture 5 Making sandcastles
Picture 6 Using different materials to make a light house.
Picture 7 Mixing and experimenting with colours
Picture 8 Making colour wheels, experimenting with colour
Picture 9 Making colour wheels, experimenting with colour
Picture 10 Mixing and experimenting with colour
Picture 11 Mixing and experimenting with colour
Picture 12 Mixing and experimenting with colour
Picture 13
Picture 14 Learning how to look after our environment.
Picture 15 Posters to stop littering.
Picture 16 Playing and learning together.
Picture 17 Looking after our environment.
Picture 18 Putting the stamps on our postcards
Picture 19 Putting the stamps on our postcards
Picture 20 Writing our address is good handwriting practice
Picture 21 We loved our adventure to the postbox
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26
Picture 27
Picture 28
Picture 29 Our finished postcards look fantastic!!!

Week 1 - Gipsey Bridge


This week we have started our learning adventure in Gipsey Bridge, the village where our school is. We started by looking at pictures of our local environment and talking about the things that we could see.


We could see lots of different features including fields, dykes, mud, roads, house, telegraph poles and rapeseed.


We then learnt how to make a collage  of the different features that we had noticed in Gipsey Bridge using different textures of materials. Some of us decided to copy the pictures exactly and other used the features to make our own scenes.

Finally at the end of the week we used our texture descriptions and the words what we had learnt about the environment in Gipsey Bridge  to do some writing about what we had made.


We have also been learning to find the total of two numbers in maths by adding all of the objects together of using a number line.




Picture 1 "The hedge is at the side it is smooth,"
Picture 2 "The car is bumpy."
Picture 3 "My picture has cereal that is the road it's bumpy
Picture 4 "My picture has a tree and sky.The sky is blue...
Picture 5 "The grass is smooth"
Picture 6 "My picture has muddy puddles and clouds..."
Picture 7 "In my picture there is blue sky it is fluffy."
Picture 8 "The sky is fluffy".
Picture 9 "The blue sky is fluffy. The road is bumpy."
Picture 10 "The windmill and trees are in the picture."