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Term 2- Super heroes: Protect and Serve.

This term our topic is super heroes which lends itself to all areas of learning really well.


Have a look at our topic web to see what we will doing on our learning adventure.

Foundation Stage's Learning Adventure

Foundation Stage's Learning Adventure 1

Week 6 - Count down to super hero day...3, 2, 1....


We have been so incredibly busy this week showing visitors how we learn, saving the world from planet pea and meeting our real life super heroes the firefighters and a paramedic. As always the children have behaved beautifully and we are really proud them! A fantastic end to a busy and learning filled term. Well done everyone!



Saving the world from planet pea!

Week 4 - Air ambulances continued


This week we made non-fiction books about paramedics and learnt how to retell a story about the paramedics that saved Mr Bear by putting the pictures in the right order.


In maths we moved onto solid, 3D shapes, learning their names and starting to describe some of their features. I set the children a challenge to find as many shapes as they could that were spheres, cubes or cuboids... they found 53!


We also learnt how to express our feelings through music. We were particularly good at being angry, proud, excited and surprised.

Week 3 - Air Ambulances


We are already working really hard this week. Look at how our air ambulance has developed so far this week.

Picture 1

This week we watched a virtual tour of an air ambulance to research the types of equipment that we might find. We were able to click on different parts to find out what they were called. We then had a go at drawing or making some of the things we could see.


In maths this week the children learnt how to descibe the features of flat 2D shapes, as well as learning how to recognise a pentagon.



Picture 1 Learning about different ocupations- paramedics.
Picture 2 Making and recognising flat, 2D shapes
Picture 3 Naming, labelling flat, 2D shapes
Picture 4 Describing the features of 2D shapes.
Picture 5 Learning about ambulances.
Picture 6 Making up games - counting to and back from 10.

Week 2 - Fire Fighters


This week we have been very busy learning about Fire Fighters.

We talked about the jobs they do and the clothes that they wear to keep them safe. We made a fire engine in the classroom and lots of pretend fires out of coloured paper that we could pretend to put out with our hose.


We also talked about what we should do if there was a fire at school or at home.  We even had our own practice fire drill in school. The alarm was very loud!


On Tuesday we had a rest from being fire fighters and enjoyed learning about Pacake day. The children thought that it was very funny that in some countries people celebrate Mardi Gras which means Fat Tuesday.

Week 6- Back to school


This week the children decided that we would make our own role play super hero school. Throughout everything we did we also tried to help each other to achieve our missions and give good explanations about what we had learnt or how we had achieved something.


Part of our challenge this week was to think about ourselves in positive terms and talk about what we could do well. We made ourselves valentines messages to remind us that we are all clever and special.

Week 5 - Special Delivery


As we enjoyed boats so much last week we continued with boats this week too. Batman asked us to deliver parcels on our boat to all the people in Gotham city. Before we could help we  first had to look at how and why things float and sink. We discovered that very heavy things often made our boats sink.


We then learnt about weighing different objects so we could check how heavy they were before we put them on the boat. Have a look at our comic to see what else we learnt.

Week 4- The Great Flood


We have been very busy this week learning about, labeling, designing, and making boats for Batman. We also learnt how to give the directions forward, backwards, left and right.


In everything we have done this week we have really shown how strong our relationships are in foundation stage and how willing we are to take risks and try new things.

Week 3 - Lights out!


This week the Zzax monster turned the lights out in half of our classroom. We learnt how about how and why different lights worked and how we could make and change shadows.


We also had a visit from the  incredible Hulk! Although he had a head ache and had to stay in our cave the children counted the objects that he had left for us, recorded how many things they had found; using tallies, circles, numbers or jumps and then explained to the Hulk what they had written.  We got very excited when we saw the hulks green hand come out of the cave.


We have also been busy making a new comic again this week, we are getting really good at talking about the features  of a comic and coming up with ideas to put in the speech bubbles.

Week 2 -  The Big Freeze


This week we read the story the Big Freeze. We have talked about how the story would end and thought about what would happen if the ice giants froze different things in our classroom. The children chose toys, pieces of fruit, pens and paint to put into the freezer. The next day we discovered that not everything froze in the same way. 


We have also been exploring how ice melts and used lots of different methods to try and save our frozen person from the ice. We were very resourceful and tried using salt, water, sand, a tea towel and even an orange.

Week 1 - Super hero school


During week 1 the children were given two new super powers that would help them with their learning. The ability to remember events in order and the power to change objects into something new which helped them to be more creative.


We have also started to create a comic book in school which shows all of the learning that has taken place in our classroom through out the week.