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Term 1 - In a land far far away...

Term 1 - In a land far far away...


We will be learning about different traditional tales. Each tale will focus on different areas of learning.


Week 1-2 Little Red Hen

Week 3-4 Hansel and Gretel

Week 5-6 Traditional Tales from around the world


October Holiday

The little Red Hen

The little Red Hen 1 Following instructions to make a barn for the hen
The little Red Hen 2 The Little Red Hen came to stay.
The little Red Hen 3 She left a basket of bread and jam for us.
The little Red Hen 4 We made toast with the bread she made for us.

Hansel and Gretel


The Woodcutter from the story has been writing to us. We have learning all about trees and what we can use wood for.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel 1 Which trees can you find at home?
Hansel and Gretel 2 We're making a giant book of tales in Class 1.
Hansel and Gretel 3 Smiles all round...
Hansel and Gretel 4 We made the gingerbread house
Hansel and Gretel 5 We made a well and a trap to catch the witch

Sohpie discussing seeds

Still image for this video

We made a tree!

Our next story was 'What made Tiddalik laugh?'


A wonderful tradition tale from Australia. The children rewrote this story but create their own end.


We also learnt how to create Aboriginal art.

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art  1
Aboriginal Art  2
Aboriginal Art  3
Aboriginal Art  4
Aboriginal Art  5
Aboriginal Art  6
Aboriginal Art  7



The class wanted to learn about castles...


So...we built a castle...

Class 1 Castle

We are currently learning about castle defence.