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Term 1 - A Pocket Full of Rhymes

This term we are doing about nursery rhymes. Each week we will learn a new rhyme.


Week 2 and 3 - Rhymes about ourselves.

Week 4 and 5 - Rhymes about home and baking.

Week 6 and 7 - Rhymes from around the world.


Week 8, 9 and 10 - Rhymes about growing and farming

Week 11, 12 and 13- Rhymes about shoes


Week 15-  Christmas Rhymes


Our final week of term was very exciting. We made Christmas cards using our feet, we had our party day on Tuesday where we learnt circus skills, made chocolate and met Father Christmas, we had fun dressing up to make calenders and on our last day we played party games and had a treasure hunt to find our presents! The children even started to think about our new topic,Superheros, which is proving to be very popular. We had a go at making masks and setting up our secret hero hideout.


You have had a brilliant first term Foundation Stage, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas and come back refreshed and ready to start the new term in January!

Week 14 -  Christmas rhymes


After working incredible hard for our Christmas play and putting on an amazing show we are now starting to think about Christmas. Although the children have continued to learn their phonics and maths this week we have also had lots of fun setting up our role play as Christmas house, with a bed and stocking, we have been wrapping and making presents, decorating the classroom and starting to make decorations for our trees at home.

A Fairy Tale Land Nativity Show-


WELL DONE Foundation Stage!!!!! You were all super stars during our christmas performances, we are incredibly proud of you! cheeky

Week 13 - There was an old woman...


This week we have been very busy! We have all finished making our own shoes and Miss Dromey now has a beautiful new pair of sandles that we made for her.


We have also been talking about time this week and the children have loved playing "Whats the time Mr wolf?",  as well as  making their own clocks, telling the time at o'clock and learning lots of new language related to time.


Finally, all of the children have been working extremely hard for our christmas play and we are looking forward to performing it on Monday!


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Picture 6
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Picture 9

Week 12 - Cobbler, cobbler mend my shoe


On Monday we found a letter from Miss Dromey. It explained that it was her footprint  in our classroom. She had come to look at our shoe shop because a pair of her sandals had broken. She asked if we could help her.


We did research about types of shoes and learnt new words for parts of the shoe including sole, heel and tongue, which we found very funny!

The children realised they weren’t sure what Miss Dromey would like, so they asked her lots of questions.

Week 11 - Shoes


This week we had a visit from a mysterious footprint! 


We used lots of different skills; questioning, measuring and observation to work out who this could be. First we decided that we would need to make sure that it wasn’t anyone in our classroom.


We used blocks to measure the footprint and compare it with the size of our own feet.

But it didn’t belong to any of the children as it was much too big.


So the children decided that we would need to measure all of the teacher’s feet as well. We found 4 prints that were the same length so we talked about the similarities and difference in the patterns of the prints.


Finally we discovered who the footprint belonged to, but we didn’t know why...



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Picture 2

Week 10- Old MacDonald

This week the children have used our rhyme alot to help us with our learning particularly in maths and understanding the world.


In maths, the children grouped animals in different ways to help three angry farmers whoes animals had escaped.


In understanding the world,  everyone had a pretend horse to take care of and the children had to show what the horse would need. This helped us to show care and concern for living creatures.


We also had lots of fun making our own rhythms and playing musical instruments and games. This allowed us to experiment with and listen to different sounds.

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Picture 3

Week 9 - Peter, Peter pumpkin eater.


We have continued with growing and pumpkins this week so that we would have a chance to use all of the amazing ideas that the children wanted to try.


The children really wanted to make Peter, Peter pumpkin eaters house so we painted four huge pumpkin shapes with our hands. These were then fashioned into a house with a door and the children have been playing in this all week.  We have also enjoyed planting new seeds and grouping animals in different ways. The children are getting really good at using the words more, less and the same.



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Week 8 - Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater

It is great to see that all of the children have come back happy and ready to learn. This week our rhyme has been Peter, Peter pumpkin eater. The children had lots of ideas about what they would like to do. So far we have pulled the insides out of the pumpkins, cut out and made our own paper pumpkins and planted pumpkins outside. The children have also made their own farm shop and having been pretending to buy and sell pumpkins and other vegetables all week.

Picture 1
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Picture 5

Week 6 and 7- African rhymes


In week 6 a special package arrived from Africa. It was sent by a little girl called Kumba Touray. Inside there were photos and objects that she had sent so that we could learn about life in The Gambia.


We have tried on African clothes, watched videos of the children learning in school, made african patterns and started to build an African mud hut.

Picture 1

Week 5 - Pat-a-cake


We have had so much fun this week! The children have loved tasting, baking, describing, mixing and glittering lots of different cakes.

Picture 1
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Picture 3

Week 4 - Our House


This week we have all learnt a new rhyme together about building a house. 


We talked about our own houses and looked at some of the pictures that the children had brought in from home. 


The children all agreed that their favourite room at home was their bedroom. So they they worked together to make a bedroom in our roleplay.


We also made dens outside and built houses out of wood and string. Once we had finished making houses we used the materials to make fishing rods. This was so much fun we went fishing in maths later in the week to help us learn our numbers.


The children have also been working very hard in PE this week. We have been learning how to move in different ways using our bodies to show how we feel.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week 3- Humpty Dumpty 


Humpty sent us a letter on Monday saying that he was feeling very poorly so we

made get well cards for him and the children who were poorly in our class this week.


While Humpty was poorly we got a message from the King who asked us to build Humpty a new wall,  five bricks at a time. We loved dressing up as builders and our brand new wall outside looked fantastic. 


We hoped that Humpty would be able to visit us on Thursday but we got another message telling us that poor Humpty had fallen off his wall again!


We worked together in groups and made different things to rescue Humpty or stop him from falling off the wall again. 


This was great as we began to develop our communication skills and  creative thinking. 

Picture 1 Wrapping the wall
Picture 2 Drawing the building plans
Picture 3 Sponge painting 5 bricks
Picture 4 Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.
Picture 5 Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8 Steps for Humpty Dumpty to climb down.
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12 A feather bridge.
Picture 13 Bandaging Humpty
Picture 14
Picture 15 Humpty has been taken to the doctors

Week 2- Head Shoulders Knees and Toes


In reception our first rhyme was; Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. 


We have been learning about our bodies, exploring our senses, building skeletons out of bones and playing in the doctor's role play.

Picture 1 Bethany is practicing writing her numbers in sand
Picture 2 Ellie-mae has found one castle!
Picture 3 Writing number 1
Picture 4 The girls are exploring their sense of smell.
Picture 5 We used bone biscuits to build skeletons
Picture 6 Fantastic mark making of a number 3 with chalk!
Picture 7 Freddie is drawing his numbers in paint!

Week 1 - Settling in


During the first two days at school the children explored our classroom and outdoor area. We started to learn the new routines and shared which toys we enjoyed playing with the most.  


We are very proud that the children have settled in so well already.