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Supporting your child at home

At this stage in the term the best way to support your child at home is to play together, read together and to practice the sounds and numbers that they have learnt in school.



To support your child with their numbers; you can count, write and spot numerals anywhere you go.  So far the children have practiced recognising and writing numbers up to 8.


We have loved watching "El Nombre" in school, you might like to share it at home. This can be found via the link below. El Nombre shows the children how to write their numbers. The children enjoyed correcting El Nombre for number 5 as the number should be written with the "hat" on last.


It is important in reception that the children learn not just to count or write numbers but that they understand that one object, action or person is counted for each number, this is called one to one correspondence.  


This can be done by touching or pointing at each thing that is being counted; fingers, toes, fruit, conkers, cars, cakes, it could be absolutely anything. Another way to practice this would be to put each object into it's own compartment.


While this may seem very simple it forms the foundation for your child's understanding of numbers. 



So far the children have practiced the sounds s, a, t, p, i, n, d.


On the link for Oxford Owl below, there is  a great section called say the sound. This plays the pure sound how the children have learnt to say them in school. 


Writing each letter in different ways would also support your child. This could be with chalk, in the air with their hand or even with their finger in sand or flour.