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Summer Term - 'A Din in the Deep.'

Picture 1

Skegness Aquarium

What a fabulous day! While the heavy rain meant we could not adventure onto the beach it gave us lots of extra time in the Aquarium. 


The children were wonderfully behaved and enjoyed looking at all the different types of creatures, watching the fish being fed, stroking a chocolate chip starfish and having their fingers tickled by a shrimp and joining in with educational workshops. 


Week 2 - A Commotion in the Ocean


At the start of our week we were very lucky to be visited by one of our children's parents who had been away in the Falklands. We are so grateful for the time and experiences that were shared with us. We got to see some wonderful photos of penguins, seals, dolphins and a whale, which fitted in perfectly with our topic too!


During the rest of the week we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and have enjoyed reading the book "Commotion in the Ocean" by Giles Andreae.  The children have been exploring rhyming words in the book and started to create their own rhyming couplets.


We have also been counting down the sleeps this week until our Aquarium trip and the excitement has continued to build every single day! Don't forget to bring your packed lunch and bucket and spade on Monday!


Week 1- Turtles

During our first week back we have enjoyed learning about turtles.


We started by reading the story ‘Yurtle the Turtle’. Yurtle was a bossy king and ordered us make jam sandwiches in phonics and count out groups of turtles in maths.  We decided that Yurtle was a bad king so we told him how it would make us feel and decided on the qualities we would look for in a new king or queen. Some of the children even volunteered for the job!


Later in the week we also made turtle eggs, learnt about the turtle life cycle, watched a live video of turtles swimming at SeaWorld and used the story “I’ll follow the moon” to make music that sounded like hatching eggs and rolling waves.  


Week 7 – WOW!

What a wonderful week! Sports day, collaborative art projects, WOW event preparations, the Green event and then to finish it off our WOW event! We could not be prouder of the children in both Reception and Class 1 this week. They have shown such great relationships by supporting and helping each other and their maturity and eagerness to be involved has been a pleasure. Well done everyone! Have a fantastic half term. 

Canvas foot prints

Painting our sea urchins

Collaborative sculptures

Sports Day. We are so proud of all of the children for taking part and cheering for each other!

Week 6 – Potions, potions and more potions.

In maths this week we have been learning about the volume of containers, this sparked and great interest in potion making. So that is what we did! We have made potions that turn us into sharks, potions that help Millie the mermaid feel better and so many more. The children had also made repeating pattern designs for their homework, so our artistic creations became potions too!

We have also used the ipads this week to write notes to Millie or our grown- ups, record videos about the seaside in the past, created voice clips sharing what we know as well as continuing to develop our sentence writing in phonics and athletic skills in PE.

Week 5 – Seaside’s in the past

Stepping back in time this week we have discovered how people used to travel to the beach, the clothes they used to wear and the things they used to do. It has been great to see the children so engaged with non-fiction books and we have loved seeing their surprised expressions when they discovered things that seem so different from today.

We have also continued to prepare for our WOW event this week as we created transport drawings, explored textures in clay, made our own sea urchins, learnt how to print (we had some wonderful year 1 teachers) and held our first creative STAY and PLAY with class 1. What a busy week!

Week 4 – The Rainbow fish

We started the week by hunting for Millie’s lost objects. We put on our scuba diver gear and took it in turns to read the clues she had left us. Finally after a long hunt we found everything! Millie even said that we could keep some of her treasure if we shared it fairly.

Our main focus this week has been on the Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister. We ordered the story, retold it, talked about the characters feelings and even made our own rainbow fish by stamping vegetables in different coloured paint.  

Week 3 – Millie the mermaid.

While Millie the mermaid has been visiting our class this week she unfortunately lost her treasure chest, purse and key! The children have been very busy making lost posters, which we stuck all around the school, and learning all about the clothes that we would need to wear if we were to go scuba diving to find Millie’s lost objects. Hopefully next week Millie will give us some clues so that we can help to find everything.

We have also been finishing our ocean motion dances, learning about stranger danger, improving our observational drawings, this week of sea urchins, sharing treasure in maths and boosting our-self-confidence during circle time.

Week 2 – Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.

What a bumpy (imaginative) bus ride we had to the beach! It was definitely worth the journey though as we found the ocean and lots of exciting things including an ice cream shop. We have loved the ice cream shop and have been buying and selling ice lollies in maths all week as well as reading and following instruction in phonics to make our own ice lollies.

Later in the week we did some observational drawings of shells that we had found and wrote bossy sentences as police officers to try and stop people from leaving litter on the beach and in our rock pool. 

Week 1 – Packing for our journey

We discovered lots of things about the environment in Gipsey Bridge this week. Unfortunately there were no oceans to explore! So this week we have been packing our bags, getting out our holiday clothes, trying on our flip flops and sunglasses ready to travel to the beach next week. And what a lot of fun we have had learning!

Take a look at the amazing homework creations that have been brought to school this week, along with the exciting Summer phonics games we have played and lots more. 

Take a look at the fabulous under the sea creatures and objects that were brought for in this week!

This term our topic is ‘A din in the deep’. This will be a shared topic with Class 1 all about life under the sea.