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Summer Term 2018 - We'll Meet Again!

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Week beginning 25.6.18

This week has been incredibly busy with the children seizing every opportunity they were together in the afternoons to practise our play.  

On Tuesday and Thursday, the children in Year 5 attended taster days at Barnes Wallis and Thomas Middlecott secondary schools.  They participated in many events and behaviour was superb.  Meanwhile, the Year 6 back at school made an excellent start on the props required for the play, researching various things to ensure their craft work had an authentic look.

Good luck Class 3 - I look forward to watching the play on Monday night.

Week beginning 18.6.18  

On Tuesday this week, Class 3 had an amazing day at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park at Friskney.  Look at what we got up to....  

Week beginning 11.6.18

This week the children have been focussing on creating their stories about being evacuees in the war.  The children have planned and written their drafts; now they are working on their editing to improve the quality of the work.

We had a trip to the Kinema in the Woods, where we saw the results of our Chinese (dancing) Day.  We were also able to see what the 6 other schools had put together on their Day.  

In Science we found out how to separate materials once they had been mixed together - we were really excited about the salt which reappeared after in had been left on the window ledge and the water had evaporated.

We are incredibly proud of the letter that we received following the trip which congratulates the pupils and staff on their professionalism and fabulous behaviour

Week beginning 14.5.18 - SATs Week!

The Year 6 worked hard on their SATs tests in the morning and as soon as they had finished, they were busy preparing for their next tests.  Meanwhile, during the SATs, the Year 5 pupils worked with Mrs Smart organising the forthcoming Sports Day, joining the rest of their class as soon as it was practicable.  They worked hard and produced (what appears to be) a very exciting programme of events.  


All this hard work was followed by practical experiments on Thursday and Friday where we were finding out about properties of materials.


In our first tests we were finding out about dissolving.  We looked at which materials dissolved and then produced an experiment to find out if we could effect the speed of dissolving.  Unfortunately, the testing went so quickly it was difficult to capture it on camera.

In our next test we were trying to identify the properties of different materials with a view to identifying how and why they are used for specific purposes.

Weeks up to SATs Week - 14.5.18

Our project work has focussed on the role of women in WW2 where we learnt about the Land Army, WAAF and other jobs.  In Literacy we looked at propaganda posters and produced some excellent examples for our wall display.


We carried out a lot of additional work in preparation for the Year 6 SATs looking at grammar, punctuation and reading comprehension in Literacy and a variety of areas in Maths.

Week Beginning 23.4.18

This week we found out about the Allied and Axis powers in World War 2 and food rationing.  We tried to compare our weekly menu with foods that were available during that time.

Week Beginning 16.4.18

The children made a brilliant start to their work about World War 2, sorting out the events on a Timeline that led up to the declaration of war.  They also began looking at food that they have been eating this week and thinking about the foods that were rationed during the war.  We will continue with this next week but would like to say a "Big Thank you" to parents who are allowing their children to bring in artefacts from this period of time to bring our learning to life.  We've seen rationing books and a gas mask (we will be looking at these more closely in the days/weeks to come)!