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Summer Term 2016 - World At War

Picture 1 A brief overview of our project learning.

This term, the children in Class 3 have chosen to learn about World War II - they have named their new project 'World At War'.


After discussing their interests at length, we decided that we would focus on the front line and life at war for the soldiers in the first half of the term, before moving on to life at home during the war in the second half of the term. That way, we will cover lots of interesting facts, and ensure we give both aspects of the war the same amount of time. 


Our Summer play will also be themed around WWII, and details of this will be sent home in due course.


This promises to be a fascinating term - the children seem very enthusiastic so please keep checking in on the web page to see what we've been getting up to!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 1

Getting into character by sitting under the tables, under the camouflage netting whilst bombs and planes were sounding all around us. This was the beginning of our suspense writing. 
Picture 1
Working together to create a detailed description of life on the front line, using short, snappy sentences to add suspense and tension for the reader.

The finished writing! 

Below are some examples of the final pieces of writing. Hopefully the way the children have included suspense will have you on the edge of your seat!


Picture 1 Jack E
Picture 2 Faith
Picture 3 Faith
Picture 1 Myron

12th May 2016 - Planning our WOW films with parents

This afternoon, parents and friends came into school to help the children plan for their WOW event films. We're covering all sorts of major events from WWII, including the attack on Pearl Harbour, D-Day, The Blitz and many more.


It was lovely to see all of the children so engrossed in their project learning alongside their parents. 


Thank you all for coming; these experiences are invaluable for the children and we really do ensure sharing our learning with you. 

WOW Event - 23rd May 2016

A fantastic WOW event in Class 3! Thank you to all parents and grandparents for attending; we had a great time watching the children's WWII films and seeing all of their hard work and research pay off! It seemed that a good time was also had by all creating their own animations and the children definitely enjoyed sharing their expertise! 


Thank you all again for attending and for all of the wonderful feedback that you gave us.