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Summer Term 2016: GBA II Rome

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Within the project we will be investigating the life of a Roman soldier, Julius Caesar, their legacy, building chariots, entertainment and the role of women.  This will all come together for the wow event at the end of the term where pupils will have a stall where you can meet Julius Caesar for book signing, ladies can visit the Roman beauticians, there will be recruitment for the Roman Army and games.  At the end, you will be able to place your Roman coins on the great chariot race.  The WOW event will take place on Thursday 26th May at 2pm in the hall; we look forward to seeing you there.


Drama before writing

Drama before writing 1
Drama before writing 2
Drama before writing 3
Drama before writing 4

An example of the writing produced following the drama:


Fuming, the indestructible Romans stampeded towards the battleground.  Surprisingly, all they heard was the toxic silence drifting across the wild wind.  Suddenly a loud blood-curdling scream said, "You'll never escape."