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Summer Term 2014 - INNOVATION STATION!

Innovation Station Project Web

Innovation Station Project Web 1

It's time to get your thinking caps on!!


Class 3 have gone invention crazy as we have immersed oursleves in the fascinating world of inventions, inventors and innovation! Our classroom is already buzzing with ideas that will rock your world! From the "Question Phone" that will help you with all of your homework needs to the "Scan-o-Matic" - the fingerprint scanner embedded on your computer game cards which is designed to detect your age and prevent children playing games which are not age appropriate! We have got it all! We have even got what is possibly the world's first environmentally friendly pencil pot not to mention the "Smart-Desk" which is ergonomically designed to maximise comfort as well as work output!!!!


Our learning adventure will lead us down a kaliedoscope of different avenues, many of them are still unknown! From the industrial revolution to Steve Jobs, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest for innovation! Already, we have our sights set on renovating the outdoor learning environment including the pond area, so that this can be used to enhance our learning opportunities and experiences.


Keep your eyes peeled for the latest in pond news and for the next mind-blowing designs from our budding Brunels!!

Flying Machine Madness!

To get our inventions topic off to a 'flying' start, we decided, after having watched "Wing It" (http://www.literacyshed.com/the-inventors-shed.html) to design and create our very own flying machines! Once the ideas were born, we were then tasked with the challenge of pitching our designs to our target audience in order to get our ideas 'off the ground'!

HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment ....

HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 1
HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 2
HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 3
HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 4
HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 5
HELP!!!!! Our outdoor learning environment .... 6

Wednesday 14th May 1:30pm - Good To be Green Fingered Event 2014!!


As you can see, our nature area was in desperate need of some TLC. On Wednesday 14th May from 1:30pm onwards, Class 3 hosted the most amazing "Good to Be Green Fingered" event. We invited all friends of Gipsey Bridge Academy to come in with their gardening gloves at the ready and help to kick-start the much needed renovation of our outdoor learning environment.


We asked for any resources for the garden (seeds, plant pots, flowers etc) that were not wanted or needed and we greatly welcomed many kind donations; these included seeds, ornaments, tools and plants! A HUGE thank you to everyone who has already supported Class 3's total dedication to the "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle" motto!


Under the expert guidance of Mrs. Stanton, Mrs Bone and Miss Simpson, Class 3 skillfully hoed, pruned and dug our way through the jungle that our Pond Area had become!! Lying beneath the suffocating weeds, to our utter amazement, we discovered something quite magical and bursting with life - Our Nature Area!!!


The pond was teeming with tadpoles and frogs keeping a watchful eye on what we were up to; the ground was crawling with worms and spiders desperately searching for a cosy crevice to slide into; the air buzzed with busy bees searching for a new landing pad and the sky was full of birds scanning the area for their next nest! It was safe to say ... we were in total awe of the beauty of our natural surroundings.


There were lessons in horticulture, ornithology, entomology and botony happening everywhere you looked - Mr Booth even paid us a visit to offer some words of wisdom from his own green fingered experiences!! On the hottest day of the year so far, it wasn't only temperatures that rose as we stood back and admired our utterly AMAZING achievements ... it was pride and joy too!