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Summer 2019 - Zeus on the Loose!

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During the Summer Term, the children will be learning about Ancient Greece. Having been asked to come up with some title ideas overnight, they voted for 'Zeus on the Loose!'

Week 1 - Science


This week, we have continued our mini project about bees. We have used our research to produce information leaflets about their importance and how they can be preserved.



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We are also very excited about our eTwinning project. Alongside learning all about bees we are planning to develop a bee friendly garden in school.


Below is the photograph of before the transformation. Watch this space to the after...

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Our fearsome Minotaurs are complete! What do you think?

Week 5 - Science


This week in Science we completed our plant investigation. We observed the growth of our plants carefully and recorded the results week by week using labelled diagrams. We compared the height of our test plant to see whether it had grown. We concluded the investigation by using the information we had gathered to answer our original question about what makes plants grow well. Some of us even used what they had found out to think about what they would like to investigate next.


We also started out mini project about bees. We have contacted schools in Europe to be part of an eTwinning project about the importance of bees in the growth of plants. We started this work by combining our comprehension and SPAG lessons with Science and used Summarise and Define comprehension strands to produce information writing with sub-headings and paragraphs. 


We also want to produce a bee friendly garden area. We have planted the plants that have flourished from our investigation in the school garden are we are hoping to develop this after half term. We are very excited!

Week 5

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On Monday, we added the Minotaur’s horns using more papier-mâché. The shape of the horns were made by rolling and twisting the paper, then we strengthened them with the glue and water solution. 


On Tuesday, we were back outside - this time with our paintbrushes to added the first coat of paint. We’ll be adding the detail after half term but they’re really starting to take shape! 

Week 4

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Having read the story of Theseus and the Minotaur, we are making the head of the Minotaur out of papier-mâché. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, we took our learning outside for a less formal art lesson! 

Week 3 - Science


As well as making careful observations for our plant investigation, we have been learning all about the different parts of a flower and their role in pollination and fertilisation.


In groups, we were given a tulip and we dissected it into different parts. Some of them were quite tricky to find. We found some pollen and some of us thought it looked like grains of sand.


We then did some drama. We got into the characters of bumble bees and flowers and dramatized pollination.

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Week 2 - Science


This week, we have planned our plant investigation.


In groups, we decided how to investigate the conditions plants need to grow well. We thought about how we could test this and decided to remove one of the conditions to see if it affected the growth of the plant.


We chose to remove light, warmth and water. We made predictions and tried to explain why we thought that would happen.


We are looking forward to seeing if our test plants grow.

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Week 1 - Science


This week, we have started our Science topic, Plants.


We began by working in pairs to find out what we already knew about parts of a plant and their function.


We discussed our prior knowledge, then we learned some new facts. We created lift-the-flap books to reveal the function of each part of a plant.


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