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Spring Term - 'Busy Bodies'

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We hope you have a wonderful break. Please take a look at our Easter celebrations, Easter egg hunt green event and Mr Booth's last assembly with the links below.

Week 2- Eyes 


The children have really enjoyed learning about their eyes this week. On Monday we watched Topsy and Tim go to the Opticians and then created our own Opticians. We tried on lots of different pairs of glasses and role played being customers, optometrists and receptionists. We even made our own glasses. We also found out about how our eyes work and what happens to our pupil when the there is lots of light or very little light. 


Later in the week we then found out about Oliver in the story 'The secret code'. Oliver is blind and taught the boys and girls all about braille. We had fun creating our own names in braille at the end of the week. We all agreed that it must be difficult not being able to see and how brilliant it was that Oliver could read using his fingers. 

Picture 1 Maths with glasses
Picture 2 Look at me!
Picture 3 Learning how beans grow
Picture 4 "They need water to grow"
Picture 5
Picture 6 "When will they change?"
Picture 7 "It feels smooth"
Picture 8 Story telling in maths.
Picture 9 Representing subtraction stories with pictures.
Picture 10 Y1's teaching us how to take away
Picture 11 Working hard together
Picture 12
Picture 13 Developing good relationships.
Picture 14 Great job Y1's thank you for your help.
Picture 15 Decorating our glasses
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 Choosing new frames
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21 The new team at Gipsey Bridge opticians
Picture 22 Let me make an appointment for you.
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25
Picture 26 We sat in the dark to see how our pupils change
Picture 27
Picture 28 "I have all the glasses!"
Picture 29
Check out our special events Gallery for photos from World book day!

Week 1 - The Heart 


Welcome back! This week we started by looking at the wonderful body part models that were created over half term and then began to plan our WOW event for the end of term; The Busy Body Show! We have already had so many ideas for our show including costumes, dances, jokes, songs and much, much more. A letter with more information will be sent out soon.


We also learnt how to create repeating patterns in maths and started to practise tennis skills with Mr Curcio in PE. 


Later in the week we learnt about our heart and how we can help to keep our body healthy by drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables. The children loved trying exotic fruit and vegetables with Mrs Czornookyj and we were very impressed with how grown up they were by trying everything.

Patterns, puzzles, painting, Spring hunts, songs, music and more!

Trying new fruit and vegetables in our Healthy Eating sessions

Our new topic is already taking shape as the children thought about lots of different things that they would like to learn about when they come back. We then used all of their ideas to decide on the things that we will be learning about this term. Take a peak at their ideas and the changes to our classroom so far!

Week 6 - Chinese New Year


This week we continued to prepare for our New Year celebration with the Reception children from Spilsby Primary school. We made decorations, decorated the outside area with ribbons and made Nian the dragon. We had such a wonderful morning on Wednesday playing together, trying Chinese food and making red envelopes with gold chocolate coins inside. 


In maths we loved exploring balancing scales and in phonics we played rhyming games and reviewed our learning in phonics so far. 

Chinese New Year WOW event with Spilsby

Week 5 - Chinese New Year


This week we have started preparing for our Chinese New Year WOW celebration.  The children decided that they would like to make decorations, paint the classroom red, wear red clothes and eat Chinese food using chop sticks.


We have now ordered our food and chop sticks for Wednesday and planned the materials and tools that we will need to make our Chinese decorations next week. We decided that we wouldn't be able to paint the room red but with help from our grown ups during stay and play, we now have red Chinese drums, paper chains and wonderful painted pieces for our dragon Nian. 

Picture 1 Little digits - finding the total
Picture 2 Our patients have jelly tot pox!
Picture 3 How many jelly tot pox are there all together?
Picture 4 Great number sentence reading.
Picture 5 Hello Nian
Picture 6 Our plans
Picture 7 Our plans
Picture 8 Our plans
Picture 9 Our plans
Picture 10 Retelling the story of Nian the dragon.
Picture 11 Play Chinese food
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Making loud noises to scare away Nian
Picture 15 Painting Nian's head and body.
Picture 16 Making Chinese Drums
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20

Scaring Nian the dragon away!

Still image for this video

Week 4- Bones continued!


We continued to learn about bones and joints this week. We completed our split pin skeletons, compared animal skeletons by talking about their differences and watched our second Funny Bones video, 'The skeleton crew'. We then used this story to help us to add narratives to our play. We LOVED playing in our own pirate ship and were very excited to pretend that there were pirates, sharks, dolphins and treasure outside with us! On Friday we then used this skill to create our own stories  about a character who had hurt themselves and needed to go to the hospital. 

Picture 1 Our pirate ship
Picture 2 Shark attack!
Picture 3 "I can see skeletons"
Picture 4 "My treasure map!"
Picture 5 The girls decided to call for dolphins.
Picture 6 "I'm steering"
Picture 7 Chinese new year dragon dancing
Picture 8 Chinese new year dragon craft
Picture 9 Preparing for our WOW event!
Picture 10
Picture 11 Exploring and counting water beads
Picture 12 A finished skeleton.
Picture 13
Picture 14 Planting bulbs
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18 "Worms"
Picture 19 "There's a family"

Skeleton dancing in PE with Miss Jackson

Still image for this video

Chinese dragons

Still image for this video

Week 3 - Bones and joints


We started by using our maths  learning from last week to create pictures of skeletons on the computer. The children very carefully identified the flat, 2D shapes that they could use to create pictures of bones and then spent along while drawing each bone. The pictures they created are fantastic and really show the amount of concentration and care that was taken.


We also enjoyed watching Funny Bones this week. The children learnt about the different parts of the story and ordered pictures from the story 'Give a dog a bone' and we started exploring our joints and making skeletons with moving parts. 

Week 2- Bones 


Our hospital this week has been taking in poorly shape patients all week. Our doctors and nurses have done a great job at diagnosing whether their shapes were flat or solid and carefully counting how many sides and corners they have. 

We have also learnt about our bones. We learnt the basic names for the bones in our body, learnt why we have bones and created our own pasta skeletons and salt dough bones.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14

Week 1 - Ourselves


We have had a great first week. The children have all come back ready to learn! This week we have learnt about ourselves. We made a people potion, to talk about the things that were the same about us, and discovered lots of things that were different about us too; including our abilities. At the end of the week we had a visit from Nurse Lauren who taught us how to pretend to be a nurse in our own role play hospital and with the hospital Playmobil.

Picture 1 Planting Spring bulbs
Picture 2
Picture 3 Enjoying our mud pit.
Picture 4
Picture 5 Teaching each other in Maths
Picture 6 Learning numbers in our courtyard.
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10 Making a 'people potion'
Picture 11 "I know add ears"
Picture 12
Picture 13 Dancing in PE
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16 Cooling down as melting snowmen.
Picture 17 Miss Lauren teaching us how to be a nurse.
Picture 18 Pretending to be nurses in our role play
Picture 19
Picture 20 The doctors and nurses are giving injections today
Picture 21 "I love nurses"
Picture 22 What a great blood pressure cuff.
Picture 23