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Spring Term 2019 - World of Sport

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Week 2

This week, the children have been writing the different parts of their sports stories. They started writing the opening, problem, crisis and the resolution of their story. They then edited each part to up level spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. Once they had done all of that, they put it all together to publish their final piece.

In maths, year 5 have finished looking at statistics and have now began a unit on fractions.

Year 6 have been multiplying decimals and will be moving on to dividing decimals.

In Science, the children have been learning about evolution and looking at theories from people such as Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

Meta, our Chinese language student, talked to the children about sports that are played in China.

Week 1


We kicked off our 'World of Sport' with a visit from Louth based professional golfer Ashton Turner.

Ashton came in to talk to the children about his experiences in becoming a professional golfer and what it took to get there.

It was fantastic to hear from someone so passionate about their profession. Ashton told the children about his life so far and what his aspirations for the future. A massive thank you to Ashton from Class 3. We wish him all of the luck for the future. 

The children have started to plan and write the opening for their sports narrative. They have looked at examples of good openers and have tried to include some of those features in their own story opening.

In Science, we have started to look at Evolution and Inheritance. We looked at inherited and adapted traits in both humans and mammals. 

Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer

Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 1
Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 2 Youth Olympics Silver Medal
Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 3