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Spring Term 2019 - World of Sport

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Week 4

This week, the Year 6’s have been doing a mock SATs week. They have done 6 papers in total: SPAG, Spelling, Reading, Arithmetic, Reasoning 1 and Reasoning 2. They have worked very hard and showed excellent learning behaviours throughout.

Year 5 have continued learning about decimals. They have been adding and subtracting and finally rounding them.

In literacy, the children finished writing their non – chronological reports and also wrote an independent narrative about anything they wanted.

In Science, the children did an investigation to see which dominant foot they are, whilst kicking or jumping. They had to set up and perform various activities on the field. They then had to record their results. Once back in the classroom, they had to write up their investigation and explain their results.

Week 3

This week, in literacy, we have started to look at non – chronological reports. We have looked at the features of them and identified them in example texts. We looked at how the information is presented and what should be included. The children, will write a report about their chosen sports person.

In maths, Year 6 have started ratio and Year 5 have moved on to adding and subtracting decimals.

On Monday, the children did a Science experiment based around fitness. They were seeing the effect that exercise has on their heart rate. They took their heart rate at rest and then immediately after exercise and then at 2 minute intervals for 8 minutes. They then had to explain their results and write conclusions about what happened and why think it did.

Week 2

This week, the children finished writing their newspaper reports about their chosen sports person. They drafted, edited and finally published them.

In maths, Year 6 moved on to percentages and Year 5 continued comparing decimals.

Our topic this week, focused on the history of the Olympics. The children compared the Modern Olympics to the Ancient Olympics. They looked at how things had changed since the Olympics had started. They looked at the countries and continents that have held them and noticed that the Olympics have never been held in Africa.

Week 1


This week, the children started to look at newspaper reports. They looked at the key features and what each one meant. They looked at good examples and found the features in them. They then started to plan their own newspaper report based on their chosen sports person that they have been learning about throughout the topic.

In Maths, the children have come to the end of the first MNP book, so they have been doing the end of book assessments.

In topic, the children had an art week, where they learnt and revised sketching techniques. They took a selfie on an Ipad and sketched a self – portrait. They then sketched a portrait of their chosen sports person, using the skills that had been taught earlier in the week.

Week 5

This week, in Literacy, the children have been writing recounts. Last week they wrote a biography about a sports person of their choice. For their recount, they are stepping into the shoes of the same sports person. They have written a timeline of a day in the life, turned that into a plan and have now started to write each section of their plan.

In maths, Year 6 have moved on to measurement, while Year 5 are subtracting fractions.

The highlight of the week however, was on Wednesday, when we were visited by Paul Sturgess – Britain’s Tallest Man. A basketball player and actor, Paul was very inspirational when talking to the children about his life and career. It will be a day that the children will remember for a very long time.


Britain's Tallest Man

Britain's Tallest Man 1

Week Four

We are working with 14 other schools in Lincolnshire and Lebanon on Zero Waste.  We have explored how this fits in with the Sustainable Development goals, the problems that the world faces and how we need to focus on reducing our use of plastics in addition to recycling. 

As part of the project we are creating Zero Waste art work.  This week we invited parents in to help us to design our art work and consider the things that we will need to collect.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

We also had our second visitor to help inspire the children in our 'World of Sport' topic. On Thursday we were visited by The Commonwealth Lightweight Boxing Champion - Nina 'Boom Boom' Bradley. 

She talked about how she started her boxing career and how she juggles it around her family and work commitments. 

Nina was very inspirational about her sport and about how she has overcome some of the barriers that have been in her way.

She is currently in training for her next fight at the beginning of March. We wish her luck in that.

Nina 'Boom Boom' Bradley

Nina 'Boom Boom' Bradley 1
Nina 'Boom Boom' Bradley 2

Week 3

After finishing their sports stories last week, the children have been looking at biographies. They were shown an example of a biography of Usain Bolt, and asked to pick out the key features of the genre. The children were then asked to write a biography of their own life so far, using the key features they had found. Finally, the children chose a famous sports person to research and write a biography about.

In Maths, Year 6 have been continuing with multiplying and adding decimals. Year 5 have begun to look at fractions and have been ordering and comparing them.

In Science, the children have continued learning about Evolution and Inheritance.

In PE, the children haven learning the Haka (Mauri tribal dance) that the New Zealand Rugby team perform before a game.

The Haka

The Haka 1
The Haka 2
The Haka 3


Week 2

This week, the children have been writing the different parts of their sports stories. They started writing the opening, problem, crisis and the resolution of their story. They then edited each part to up level spelling, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. Once they had done all of that, they put it all together to publish their final piece.

In maths, year 5 have finished looking at statistics and have now began a unit on fractions.

Year 6 have been multiplying decimals and will be moving on to dividing decimals.

In Science, the children have been learning about evolution and looking at theories from people such as Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace.

Meta, our Chinese language student, talked to the children about sports that are played in China.

Week 1


We kicked off our 'World of Sport' with a visit from Louth based professional golfer Ashton Turner.

Ashton came in to talk to the children about his experiences in becoming a professional golfer and what it took to get there.

It was fantastic to hear from someone so passionate about their profession. Ashton told the children about his life so far and what his aspirations for the future. A massive thank you to Ashton from Class 3. We wish him all of the luck for the future. 

The children have started to plan and write the opening for their sports narrative. They have looked at examples of good openers and have tried to include some of those features in their own story opening.

In Science, we have started to look at Evolution and Inheritance. We looked at inherited and adapted traits in both humans and mammals. 

Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer

Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 1
Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 2 Youth Olympics Silver Medal
Ashton Turner - Professional Golfer 3