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Spring Term 2016 - Guardians Of The Galaxy

Thursday 23rd March 2016

WOW Event - Investigation into the best rocket launch method


The children came up with some different methods of launching their rockets, which included catapults, water pistols, balloons and fizzy solutions! 


Our WOW event was to investigate which of these methods would be the most effective (if any!); the photos can be found below. 

22nd February 2016
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Today was the second half of our WOW event: the volcano eruptions! We were very lucky that lots and lots of parents and relatives were able to join us to watch the eruptions. It really was a fantastic turn out! The children's ratios worked perfectly and all of the volcanoes erupted successfully!


Well done, Class 3!

Today, during maths, we worked out the ratio of bicarbonate of soda to vinegar that is needed to create an exciting, fizzy explosion! The children came up with their ratios by counting and measuring carefully and then we tried it out altogether using the ratios we had found. Our WOW event next week promises to be very exciting now that we've made the volcanoes and got the measurements right!

12th January

12th January 1
12th January 2
Harvey, playing the space game we made on Scratch!

Preparation for the new project

Preparation for the new project 1
Preparation for the new project 2
We've already voted for the project's name and prepared our astronauts for blast off!
The children have also been busy thinking about what they'd like to learn about next term. These ideas were used by Mrs. Bone and Miss Walsh to decide what the term's learning would look like! Here are the initial ideas and the overview of the term.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3