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Spring Term 2014 - The Blue Planet

Our "Blue Planet" Learning Adventure.

Bringing our Projects to Life!


We have been busy creating 3D sculptures of our project animals based on observational drawings and research in preparation for the airing of our documentaries. The date for which is soon to be confirmed!!



David Attenborough watch out!

David Attenborough watch out! 1
David Attenborough watch out! 2
David Attenborough watch out! 3
David Attenborough watch out! 4
David Attenborough watch out! 5
David Attenborough watch out! 6
David Attenborough watch out! 7

David Attenborough Watch Out!


Class 3 are busy perfecting their presenting skills in readiness for their big screen debut at the end of our "Blue Planet" topic. Along with many giggles and much "unplanned" learning every presenter has been able to experience first-hand the challenges and rewards of bearing the title "expert". Not only has each group conducted their own research they have also had to translate their findings into a language which is child friendly, gripping and exciting! There is still much work to do on this, however, the progress we have made from our starting points has been immense! I am certain if the BBC bosses catch a glimpse of some of our starlets they will be green with envy. Stay tuned folks!!

How to use RUCSAC by Elliot's Group

The Spiderwick Chronicles Field Guide Clip

Whilst on our latest expedition, the intrepid explorers of Class 3 stumbled across a never before seen landscape, untouched by human hands and inhabited by weird and wonderful hybrids which have remained undiscovered since the dawn of time.
Curious?? Then join us on our quest into the unknown and discover what might lurk in the furthest flung corners of The Great Blue Planet!!!
Once completed, these images may contain snapshots of lethal adaptations just like those documented by Arthur Spiderwick ... Have a look at the clip below to see what our very own field guides will look like once our observations of these grotesque creatures have been completed!

Sharing our reports with Class One

Still image for this video
We researched and wrote reports for class one. They were able to give us feedback to help us reflect on our learning.

Sharing our reports with Class One