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Spring 2019 - On The Road To Africa

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Week Two - Science


This week, we have been investigating gases. We learned that gas has a weight.


We carried out a comparative investigation using fizzy drinks. We needed to find the fizziest drink out of five choices.


We found this out by pouring equal amounts of drinks into bottles, weighing them, shaking the bottles for a designated time then weighing them again. Shaking the drinks removed the carbon dioxide, making it flat. The difference in the weights showed us how much carbon dioxide was in the drinks. The more the carbon dioxide, the fizzier the drink.


We had great fun, even though our hands got a little sticky!

Week One


It has been very exciting this week in Class 2 starting our new project and we have really enjoyed starting our new class reader, The Boy Who Biked the World by Alistair Humphreys.


After reading the main character’s plans to travel to Africa, we have been thinking about which countries we would like to visit if we were to travel around the world, finding and labelling them on a map.


In reading comprehension, we have been using the reading strands of Summarise and Compare. We read Chapter 2 of the book and answered questions focussed on Tom’s behaviour whilst he was daydreaming of adventures.


In our grammar lesson, we then used speech bubbles and inverted commas in order to produce the conversation Tom would have with his teacher once he realised he hadn’t been listening in class!

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To begin our new topic of States of Matter, we were given lots of different pictures of materials. We then had to sort them into whether we thought they were a solid, liquid or a gas. There were definitely some that puzzled us and belonged to more than one group!

We then looked at the particle arrangement and properties of the different states. We had to draw the particles and then match the properties to them.

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